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RECS: gruesome reads

Most of my favorite books are already horrifying in some way, but I tried to say within ‘true horror’ for this list; I’ve also have the realization that I have to warn for cannibalism an awful lot. 310 more words


Autumn Exquisite Corpse by the Cottonwood Collective

We often joke (quite seriously, of course) about the writing marathons we embark upon when we meet at our retreats. What we sometimes forget are the many other activities we do that not only break the ice of our meetings but bring us closer together. 335 more words


Exercise: Exquisite Corpse (variant)

A variation on the well known Exquisite Corpse exercise dreamed up by the Surrealists. Begin with the words “I went down the stairs and around.” Each contributor only sees the words written by their immediate neighbour. 208 more words

Warpaint's Triumphant Return to Union Transfer

It had only been about six months since the last time Warpaint played at Union Transfer (also when I interviewed Theresa Wayman). Quite frankly, their American fans should take a moment to feel grateful and thank the band for touring the US twice this year. 898 more words


exquisite corpse, anyone? . . .

A week or two ago, the folks at WordPress sent me virtual “happy anniversary” wishes, reminding me that I’d started this blog with them four years ago. 336 more words


Tomorrow's Surprise

Tomorrow, there will be an intriguing surprise published by me and five other writers–it goes live at 1 p.m. EST. And the only question I have for you is… 17 more words