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running into my EX

Today i had the misfortune of accidentally running into my EX.  My ex who used me & sexually assaulted & raped me off & on for 2 years when i was severely brain injured & pretended to be sorry to get more sex & pretended to be against violence against women, all while using me when i was hugely emotionally vulnerable during the death of my dad, my aunt, finding out my therapist had terminal cancer & on & on. 2,317 more words

When the Past Calls

How many times has an ex attempted to re-establish contact with you, or someone you once dated but are not sure why/how it ended, or someone you were romantically involved with resurfaced after disappearing? 314 more words


Advice on Ex's

Video on those tricky things.

Where is My Mr. Big?

I miss him.  I know I’ve done a lot these last few years, and maybe I have been hard to track down given all my moves, but a day doesn’t go by where I wonder where My Mr. 422 more words

Thoughts & Experiences


By Ericoh D’ Major

It’s somehow a long article but it’s so interesting & educative. Take your time & read it all. And don’t forget to share to help all your friends. 1,139 more words

21days to go

It’s 21 days until I am on a plane out of here and I could not be happier (unless it were fewer days). In all honesty not a lot has changed, hence my lack of posting – but last night FC got drunk again and decided to spill his feelings at 2am on the night bus. 540 more words


How not to get over your ex

We all know what we should do to get over ex: stop obsessing over them, dispose of anything that reminds you of them, write down all the reasons they’re toxic for and why you’re better off without each other, write down how much less drama there is and how you’ve found yourself again, search your soul for inner peace, and for the love of god don’t get super smashed and call/text them a million times, let alone show up on their doorstep. 262 more words