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You Can't Sit With Us! Did Kim K Avoid Sitting Next To Rita Ora At The VMA's?

Award shows are always events that leave the public talking for weeks after. The fashion, the performances, and the attitude is what we all look forward to while watching. 187 more words



these things I do
are not for you
yet I can’t help thinking
that’s the way you’re taking them

you think everything written
has always been… 27 more words



you’re so very good
at reminding me why
I should keep my distance

thank you for being
yourself again
a troll to the very core


Let me tell you something

You stupid bastard.

I restrained telling you all of my real feelings to spare yours. That was dumb since you never gave me the same courtesy. 846 more words

Dating Friends and Friending Exes

I don’t understand why this is such a taboo thing, honestly. Everywhere I look people are preaching about not dating your friends or not being friends with your ex’s… 1,082 more words

Personal Stories

Keith Leanza Helps: The Ex-Girlfriend Poacher

Dear Keith

My ex-girlfriend and I still remain in contact despite us breaking up four years ago. These days we rarely text unless it’s to hang out. 633 more words


Murray Duty #36 - President of Podcasts and Movie Reviews

On this podcast Raqi returns and we talk to Joshua Meyrowitz aka Autistic Thunder about a bunch of movies. Then Raqi and I talk about weird sexual stuff, Strung Out, we ban somebody from the podcast, we talk to the president of podcasts on the phone. 36 more words