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What is GC?

What exactly is Girl Code and does it still exists? If you’re scratching your head 😳; this is the right place for you👌. Girl code has become almost as mythical as a Unicorn & it shouldn’t be. 305 more words

Ex boyfriends

Hello readers! Ex boyfriends are really hard to deal with especially if they are in the same school with you. I personally never experienced a messy or bad break up (thank God!) but I wish they were in a way because then I wouldn’t have lingering feelings. 262 more words


8th Arrow (Arrow of Misdirection)

I’m sorry I’ve been not posting for a while for those who actually read my blogs and follow me. I really appreciate it, I just been busy with school, 2 clubs I’m in, and dealing with some personal things(ex’s am I right ladies and gentlemen lol). 30 more words

Journey to the Center of the Soul (part 2) Blog Bookhttp://

The Blog I am writing has not been an easy one to begin.  Mostly because I had to think about everything that’s happened and really place myself back into the feeling part of it, and well, there’s so much that I want to forget that I realized in the process that I have forgive myself for a lot of things that are now unchangeable.  2,404 more words


Parents ex's

Jessica… that’s where I left off, she was a hot late twenties early thirties kind of gal. She was sweet but an older sister sweet. I wanted to pull a “Parent Trap” moment when Lindsey says “I’ve always wanted an older sister”…. 643 more words

Love Me

A Tale of Two Very Different Three Year Anniversaries

As I woke up and started my day today I felt different.  Very different, even though nothing had changed.  I felt a sense of calmness and peace, an almost serene type of peace, though I had nothing to attribute this new sense of peacefulness with. 581 more words

My Life

It's definitely autumn

We’re having typical perfect fall weather here today. It is currently cloudy and windy, and the air is wonderfully crisp; so of course my windows are thrown wide open. 723 more words