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I am not perfect. I try to be very strong.
Tonight, I feel quite indifferent.

He text me.
…and I like a fool, read it and replied. 215 more words


Taking your ex back

This past week I realize as much as I entertained the thought of getting back with Michael, its just not going to work.

He has been living with his ex wife in this big old beautiful house so that he can be close with his kids but now she’s getting evicted. 82 more words



I will admit in this blog I’m not as zen like as I look like in pictures. I’m annoying most days, a pain in the ass, anal, and so focused on my dreams that it seems like I’m not paying attention to what’s going on. 535 more words

How To: Get Over Someone

Getting over someone wiether they are an Ex or crush, can be hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to get over someone you have liked or loved but you can, I promise. 293 more words

Finding Someone Worthy Of Being Trusted

When it comes to relationships, we all have dealt with heartbreak for one reason or another. We have felt like once you lose that 1st, 2nd or even 3rd love, you will never feel that way again because not only have you lost trust while in a relationship but the thought of loving again. 119 more words

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

How many times have we been in a relationship and thought “it shouldn’t be this hard”. You love each other so much yet you just can’t seem to get along. 228 more words

Just a friend? Again ;-)

Michael and I talked all day yesterday goofing around and this song came into my head
I start singing “you say he’s just a friend” and Michael follows with “ohhh baby youuuu, got what I neeed” And I lmfao. 10 more words