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Libel and Slander

Libel is the use of false, defamatory claims about someone in written or printed form.

Slander likewise denotes false statements that damage a person’s reputation, but it is committed orally or in any other transient form. 446 more words


Through Lungs

Are there certain thoughts you don’t talk to anyone about? Do most people go through their day without so much as a word about how they’re really feeling? 379 more words


Timing Is Everything

Ever heard of meeting the right person at the wrong time? I feel like that’s what happened to me. I met this guy three years back, and I guess you could say it was “love at first sight,” but the timing was off. 687 more words


Facebook and I are taking a break.

It’s been three days since I gave up running to Facebook when I’m bored, or procrastinating, or just scrolling to scroll. It’s been…kind of productive, been knitting a scarf for a friend you see. 130 more words

Coffee, Life and Giving Thanks

The thought of a creamy and steamy latte is irresistible when it’s dark and dreary outside. On a crisp cold Thursday I walk to my local cafe feeling happy that’s I’m about to enjoy a peaceful morning with my friend, the latte. 343 more words


Near Miss

Years ago
I knew this girl
With a beautiful face and
A beautiful heart

And I didn’t fall in love with her
Nor did I date her… 141 more words

Original Poems

Reaching the tipping point.

My grandmother has been slipping. Over the past couple of weeks, she’s been eating fewer and fewer bites of food every day, now she’s just laying in a bed starving and holding on for what seems to be an awfully long time. 661 more words