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The Return of random exs.

I’m going to preface this with the fact that I will be using the term “ex” very loosely to describe anyone I’ve had romantic and or sexual relations with in the past, likely wasn’t a full blown relationship and most I would not have called my boyfriend at any point in time. 335 more words


Talk About Ex's

I have not blogged in a while, for four long months it’s been. Smh. I even missed making an annual year-end blog and that was really frustrating. 377 more words


Another world

With the looming deadline for university applications on the horizon and the fact that none of us have the faintest idea where our calling lies, my friends and I made our way to arguably the most well-known university in the country, Wits(The University of Witwatersrand, if you’re not South African), for its annual Focus Day. 868 more words

The Ex-Factor!

Ex’s are someone who aren’t your friends nor your enemies but, just someone you had some good memories with, which you just can’t let go. 443 more words


Pathological Liars...

Have you ever met one? They can either be extreme liars that tell lies you’ll never believe due to the dramatics of them. Or they can be the most deceiving, manipulative and believable people you will ever meet. 681 more words



Unfortunately, every relationship doesn’t last. Some people can remain friends. Some start a friends with benefits relationship and then you got the ones that, well, it ends badly. 97 more words

Madd Hatta Morning Show

Whirlwind Of Emotions.....

Hello My Lovely Followers,

My life has been crazy lately. Whirlwind of emotions.. is literally the only way to describe it….

*takes deep breathes*

I don’t even know where to start… it’s been that crazy. 478 more words

My Life