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Coffee, Life and Giving Thanks

The thought of a creamy and steamy latte is irresistible when it’s dark and dreary outside. On a crisp cold Thursday I walk to my local cafe feeling happy that’s I’m about to enjoy a peaceful morning with my friend, the latte. 343 more words


Near Miss

Years ago
I knew this girl
With a beautiful face and
A beautiful heart

And I didn’t fall in love with her
Nor did I date her… 141 more words

Original Poems

Reaching the tipping point.

My grandmother has been slipping. Over the past couple of weeks, she’s been eating fewer and fewer bites of food every day, now she’s just laying in a bed starving and holding on for what seems to be an awfully long time. 661 more words


Kelli's Got A Boyfriend

Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
He likes her to pose:
So she sends him pictures
In her very hottest clothes

Some, she wears a little, and… 42 more words

Original Poems

just chicken. no soup.

I woke up this morning with an insatiable coffee craving and a certain sense of foreboding.

Last nights events were (if I’m being completely honest) something I’d been secretly wishing for for months. 502 more words


Some Cool Stuff

Okay so even though my birthday sorta sucked as the saying goes every day is a new day or or tomorrow is a new day or whatever that saying is you get what I mean. 318 more words

Everyday Life

No recycling

This past week I thought for sure that neither of us would win. My ex-boyfriend called me for a “booty call” I stood my ground and told him that if he liked it he’d put a ring on it. 330 more words