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Letting go of the past...

So when do you let go of important people from your past? If you keep things from them that mean something to you, does that mean you are living in the past or could it just mean that you are holding on to things you cherished? 350 more words


Mixed drinks

We’ve all been there. Friday or Saturday night ( or usually in my case both ) and we’re alone. So alone. These are the times my mind wanders uncontrollably to the what ifs. 539 more words

General Rants

Basically, You're Confusing

On Thursday’s we watch Scandal, but today I have another post for you all.

It seems to be that every where I look the same topic is smacking me in the face. 437 more words


Eat Pray Love

If anyone has ever read the book and possibly seen the movie they would know it’s about a woman who basically had everything that she could have wanted. 764 more words

Everyday Life

Me, As A Girlfriend?

For guys who think they like me, let this be a disclaimer.

From prior experience I’ve found it easier to just tell guys who I really am rather than to “hide my crazy”. 567 more words


Socially Accepted Abuse

Our friends knew he was verbally abusive. They had witnessed the daily berating for not doing his laundry correctly or forgetting to buy him milk.  They had listened to him call me “fucking stupid” and “retarded,” over and over and over again. 761 more words


In your TWENTIES you should ABIDE by simple RULES

Girl Code /ɡərl kōd/ (noun).

A series of guidelines for girls that discusses the DOs & DON’Ts of sisterhood that girls should share.

DO NOT HOOK UP A FRIENDS EX(S)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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