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John Weaving in American hospital

Dr Jim Stageman has made a painting from a photo of John Weaving on a whiteboard in an American hospital. Click here; you’ll probably have to work through the gallery of thumbnails below the main picture to get to JW. 23 more words


Work in a box in the docks

Waterways Ireland wants a manager (one-year contract) for its visitor centre in Dublin, aka the Box in the Docks.

Extant Waterways

Killaloe baby

On Thursday evening, the body of a fine female child was found sewed up in a bag on the banks of the canal near Killaloe. A man was taken up on suspicion of being the murderer, but was subsequently liberated. 23 more words



A young woman, named Anne Macdonald, threw her mother into the Grand Canal, Dublin, last week, where the unfortunate woman was drowned. The daughter was excited to the unnatural act by a sudden fit of passion, on being called an opprobrious name by her mother.

Liverpool Mercury 1 January 1830