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I finally have about 2.3 seconds of breathing room (not really, I still have so much work to do).  I thought I did a pretty good job of not waiting until the last minute to complete my summer assignments, but alas, that was not to be.   420 more words


The Struggle Is Real: The Three Day Countdown to the Biggest Deadline So Far This Year

Because I can’t post these thoughts anywhere but here, this is a list of all the significant (albeit slightly self-deprecating) thoughts that passed through my brain that would probably get me shot for flaunting my position on the high school social hierarchy. 533 more words

High School

The role of Neoclassical paintings in the allocation of blue and red to political ideals: Argument 1

Neoclassical art focusses on the accurate portrayal of ancient Rome and Greece with the support of archeological finds in reaction to the frivolous Rococo period of art, which was a symbolic representation of the aristocracy of France. 624 more words

Important! - Assessment Criteria for ToK and Extended Essay

Going over the assessment criteria and complying with it is so important. Not only does this apply to the Theory of Knowledge essay and the Extended Essay that you will have to write/ are in the process of writing, but it applies for all of your internal assessments. 88 more words