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School Policies Today

You may be wondering- What are the school policies reguarding mental health awareness?  And to be honest, I am still wondering the same question, even after hours of research.  177 more words

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Speak Out

The number one thing that needs to be stressed to students is to SPEAK OUT.  After learning signs of depression a student should be able to tell if they are struggling with a mental health illness.  39 more words

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Organizations for Student Research

Project/Discussion Idea:  Have your class pick one of the two organizations below after reading the discriptions, preferably the one they think would be most beneficial for students.  143 more words

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Quick and Easy Lesson

Don’t have much class time?  Hand these pamphlets out to the class.  They have a few quick facts and (most importantly) direct them to this website!

capstone pamphlet

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Need an easy way to inform students about mental health?  Suggest the MentalHealthAm twitter page to them!  The page has great facts, information, and most importantly, real stories from people who have lived through severe mental health illnesses.  106 more words

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A Step Towards Change

“Affordable Care Act Upheld, Features Increased Support for Mental Health”

Seeing stories like this one only proves that policies can be changed to help spread awareness.  101 more words

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