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Bovine Spotlight: Triladyl w/Antibiotics

Triladyl is a product of Minitube International and is a 250g concentrate for preperation of 1250g of extender. Used in freezing of bull semen. Place an order on our website! 6 more words

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StarTech IREXT Wireless Infrared IR Remote Extender Up to

If you are thinking to buy a cable TV extender to get a wireless TV signal into another set in a different area of the house it is very important to take into consideration the area that you are living in and the materials of the walls of the home. 315 more words

Swine Spotlight: BTS Extender

Our BTS extender is a product of Minitube International Germany and is a short term 1-3 day extender with gentamicin. Available in 1L and 100L bag. 15 more words

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Charmed Feelings Murano Style Glass Beads and

The Murano Style Glass Beads and Charm Bracelet offers elegant old-world features for a sophisticated look. The bracelet features black-and-white Murano-style beads that replicate the hand-blown look

BigWind $ handout expiration date= December 31st

We cannot thank you enough for supporting our efforts to end the taxpayer subsidy for wind.  The House passed a retroactive one year extension of the credit which will expire on December 31, 2014. 501 more words