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What's all the buzz with BEES?... What do you want to know about BEES?

My colleague and friend, Natalia Bjorklund, UNL Extension Educator and PHD candidate and I are teaming up for a fun project. We are starting a video series answering your questions about BEES! 77 more words


Scarborough subway extension plans to be released today

TORONTO – A technical briefing today will give Torontonians an idea of what’s on track for developing the Scarborough subway.

The city’s director of transportation planning will outline the plans as well as possible corridors and station locations. 154 more words


mozilla-requestpolicy extension and IceCat

RequestPolicy is an extension for Mozilla browsers that increases your browsing privacy, security, and speed by giving you control over cross-site requests.

Its development is continued by volunteers in a new website… 197 more words


Food Insecurity: An Essay

The world population is predicted to reach 9 billion in 2050. Global food insecurity is becoming a pervasive issue that needs to be addressed. Having recently attended EWB’s National Conference and the University of Alberta’s Sustainability Summit, I’ve written this essay highlighting what I believe are some of the root causes of food insecurity and suggesting actions we might take to address them. 1,548 more words


Referer Control extension for Chrome

Referer is one of the fields in a HTTP request header. It is filled with the domain from where a user clicked a link to get to the new URL. 90 more words