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Garage Door Color

We’re replacing our garage door, and we were given the choice of an almond or white colored door. We are also given the choice to paint the door, but since it is new there is no immediate need to paint it–this could be done if the door was, say, 10 years old. 324 more words

UPDATE / Wabi~Sabi - More Air, Less Weight, Dummy!

*This update is retroactive. Work performed in July & early August 2014*

Let’s recap a bit, shall we? Last time, I’ve decided to bring more airflow to the trunk compartment via newly made roof intakes. 1,200 more words


{how to choose a paintbrush}

Friday Finds: What Paintbrush is Right for You?

Don’t suffer through beginner’s errors when it comes to painting; make an educated choice with your paintbrush. You may not think about your paintbrush as much as your paint color, but Roseville Sales Associate at Hirshfield’s, James Stoffel, believes you really should. 423 more words


Urban Heat Island Effect Decoded: Why You Need a Heat Reflective Paint

As the name suggests, the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect takes place in urban or metropolitan areas. It is caused by human activities, and makes the affected areas significantly warmer than their rural counterparts. 181 more words

Heat Reflective Paint

CSP-110 Vintage Pewter

This classic gray CSP-110 Vintage Pewter  is one of our favourites.

It’s neutral enough to go with almost anything and warm enough to bring new life to almost any space.

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What colour should we paint our shutters? (part deux)

Apologies for the prolonged exterior painting blog. Like those films that wend on and round and just when you think they’ve ended it turns out there’s still another whole section. 245 more words


Shutter Project

After a weeklong, intense, Danny Tanner-like obsessive cleaning of the new house (they were smokers – eek), I decided to tackle my first DIY project.  The front door and shutters were red, faded by years of sun and weathering. 155 more words