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Inotera Headquarter in Taiwan

A headquarter office with romantic perception. http://mhllt.com/inotera-headquarter/

My Holiday Porch

I have a deep love for the whole winter season. The first real snowfall is something I anxiously await (à la Lorelai Gilmore. Anyone??) and the holidays are certainly the icing on the cake. 144 more words


Rua Alabarda House in Brazil

An urban house in an upward sloping ground. http://mhllt.com/rua-alabarda-house/

BF House in Brazil

A house as a platform in a single level. http://mhllt.com/bf-house/

Nestlé Application Group in Mexico

A Nestlé new facility with laboratories and offices. http://mhllt.com/nestle-application-group/

Gallery - Sheet Rock Stage

These images are by Lorelle VanFossen, a friend and neighbor, documenting the New Cottage in the Woods in the sheet rock stage, drying out and waiting for sanding, finishing work, and paint.


Villa Deys in Netherlands

An innovative design villa on attractive locations. http://mhllt.com/villa-deys/