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Private Library in Puerto Rico

A piece of contemporary architecture library on the roof. http://mhllt.com/private-library/

Corners and Mud

Saturday we walked in on our “corners” being applied. Something we knew we wanted was rounded corners. Not only do they look pretty, but it would be nice to not have those chipped corners you get – especially with our rambunctious boys. 188 more words


Depth House in Japan

An urban house with closed appearance. http://mhllt.com/depth-house/ ‎

Renovation: Exterior Changes

My husband and I bought a house a few months back and we’ve been working hard to fix it up and make it ours! Below is a picture of our house “as-is”, nothing to get excited about over here. 88 more words

Interior Design

Jubilee Church in Italy

A church with minimize thermal peak loads inside. http://mhllt.com/jubilee-church/ ‎