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4 Signs You've Got Bed Bugs!

These days it’s one of the most common questions I’m asked when I am giving a presentation to an audience; “How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?” Here’s what I look for when performing an inspection or before staying in a hotel bed. 240 more words

Three Reasons To Shut Down The House (2011)

1. Moving.
2. Exterminating.
3. A 20-inch Egyptian cobra is loose.
At the Bronx Zoo-
Near the reptile house,
the search is on, through
and through.


Spring is Carpenter Ant Season. 5 Steps to Protect Your Home Now!

Are you seeing large black ants in your home this spring? You’re not alone! Here in Syracuse, NY ants are a common issue that homeowners face every spring. 345 more words

Finally Blogging!

Welcome to our first blog post…Thanks Amy!

Amy from “Tech Geekery” came by to help us set up our new blog. She was knowledgeable and patient! 21 more words