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The California Condor


By Timothy E.G. Bartel

The way of dodos was their way,       improbable birds

Fated to fall from       Darwin’s leaf-stripped tree.

But man, it turned out,       had wings within him: 80 more words


Hall of Ocean Extinction

Confirming extinction in the ocean is difficult, and my researched list is here. To help you visualize that list, below are photos collected to represent each species. 237 more words

Environment: How social media wiped out the passenger pigeon: An extinction story

In Brief: How the world’s (then) most influential communication technology development sent humans into the wild, and passenger pigeons into oblivion. A lesson to be learned in the secondary pitfalls of digital communication. 202 more words


Free Verse: Last Words

A fan favorite, written for a http://www.writersdigest.com prompt in 2013: write a “last words” poem. Dedicated to my son (and to me, and to every other red-head out there). 38 more words


White Gold


 White Gold


    On October 4, 2013 in over 42 cities around the world, tens of thousands of people joined together to participate in the International March for Elephants. 789 more words


Remembering Martha

The Passenger Pigeons was once the most numerous bird species in North America, perhaps in the world. Early colonists were amazed by the vast flocks of the birds, which sometimes darkened the sky for days. 906 more words

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