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Five Rhinos

The topic I’m am talking about is on the last five white rhinos. As of December 15 one of the six white rhinos alive died of age at 44. 326 more words

Class Work

Akhir dari Umat Manusia, Awal dari Robot #Automata

Eksistensi umat manusia hanya ada dalam satu rentang waktu terbatas di bumi, keberadaan manusia di bumi baru sekitar 200.000 tahun, bayangkan dengan usia bumi yang sudah mencapai 5 milyar tahun, skalanya manusia itu baru muncul beberapa menit yang lalu sementara skala umur bumi adalah satu tahun. 201 more words


Experts on last ditch effort to save endangered rhino

The next few months are critical for the survival of the northern white rhino, as an expert panel races to save it from oblivion.

Some pin hopes on an assisted reproduction programme, but the procedures involved risk harming some of the five animals that remain on Earth. 191 more words


Northern White Rhino Dies, Leaving Only Five in the World

One of only six northern white rhinos died on Sunday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The rhino was approximately 44 years old and dies of old age, according to zoo officials. 175 more words

This Is My Story

A few days ago I gave my last presentation for 2014. As of 2011 I have given 145 presentations in five countries around the world about amphibian ecology, conservation, and how people can work to make the planet a better place for humans and animals. 205 more words


Calgary Zoo works to save one of Canada's most endangered birds

The Calgary Zoo is taking an important step towards saving one of Canada’s most endangered birds from extinction.

The Zoo announced on Tuesday that, despite a difficult start, it will continue with its 10-year commitment to saving the Greater Sage-Grouse. 61 more words


Where did all the blackbirds go?

In Nova Scotia, Canada birdwatchers are concerned and following particularly three bird species: Chimney Swift, Piping Plover, Black Bird.

Due to conservation efforts there is some reason to be a little more optimistic about the Plover, enjoying some protected habit locations and Chimney Swifts being carefully monitored. 26 more words

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