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Alert: Yellowstone supervolcano on verge of eruption

1000 mile swath of the U.S. may be destroyed within 2 weeks from an extinction level event’, says park geologist

INTELLIHUB — As of January 29, 2015, Hank Hessler, a park geologist stationed at Yellowstone National Park since 2002, publicly announced and put only a 2 week time-frame for the supervolcano located under the park to erupt.Although no one knows for sure if Hessler’s prediction will come true, it does set an eerie overtone for people located within a 1000 mile swath of the park. 49 more words

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This is a painting i did in 2012 to bring more awareness to the tragic fact that we’re loosing tigers at a high rate. We have lost 97% of wild tigers in just over a century. 70 more words


What If Human's Disappeared?

This is a very interesting video from the YouTube channel ASAP science.


Monarch butterflies aren't quite extinct yet!

The New York Times reports that monarch butterflies migrating from North America to central Mexico appear to be doing better than last year, when the over-wintering colony occupied just 1.7 acres. 162 more words


"Relocation of animals could drive some species towards extinction – study"


Scientists have found the number of animals moved to make way for building projects far outnumber science-led relocations to recover populations

The relocation of animals to make way for land development rarely succeeds and could be driving some species towards extinction, according to a new study.

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West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean

(NaturalNews) Marine biologists and other researchers are voicing serious concerns regarding the high mortality rate among orcas (killer whales) observed over the past couple of years. 636 more words

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Why are we still hunting Elephants for - Adrenaline Junkies.

As the elephant took a mouthful of food the hunter pulled the trigger exploding a bullet into the back of elephants head leaving this magnificent beast writhing on the ground in a pool of its own blood. 2,895 more words

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