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New 'Tipping Point' Model Could Help Predict Species Extinction

Species may be more adaptive to environmental changes than we thought, but small shifts can still be enough to cause extinctions.

ENVIRONMENTAL “TIPPING POINTS” can provide researchers with valuable clues to detect when species are facing population collapse or extinction. 637 more words


This Week Could Be the Last Chance to Save Mexico's Vaquita Porpoise From Extinction

One thing for which we should give profound thanks this year is the success of environmental action at stopping or slowing the killing of many… 900 more words


Growth, Death, and Survival

Homo sapiens may very well be the first species that must learn to live on Earth.  It appears as though every other species that came before us, or exists today, has a population limited by available food supply or other environmental conditions.   1,034 more words


Winnipeg zoo unashamedly frightens children about polar bear extinction, for a price

The Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg is selling Polar Bears International-style1 “save our sea ice” global warming propaganda to children, which it calls “messaging.” 999 more words

Polar Bear

The Extinction of Bananas?!

The history of bananas is ripe with drama. You know the store Banana Republic? Well that’s an actual term that began in the 1900s. Back then it didn’t represent the clothing store we now know, it represented an unstable country that was ruled by a corrupted government who sold their land to big companies, who then used it to grow few products for export. 544 more words


A Timeline of Irish Extinctions

The recent Living Planet Report published by the WWF contains some grim facts; since 1970 the organisation’s Living Planet Index has dropped by 52%, or as they put it, “in less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species have dropped by half.” 355 more words


The Cost of Bushmeat

“Young great apes are trapped and ripped off their families –many times slaughtered before their innocent eyes.  These orphaned infants end up enslaved and abused, their freedom brutally  lost.  

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