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Do you know the difference between difficulty and punishment in game design?

Extra Credits illustrates how to properly identify the difference between difficulty and punishment when developing your game. Some games like Dark Souls may be able to leverage one or the other well, but you have to be careful. 7 more words

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Depth vs. Complexity in Raiding

a.k.a “Why 10 Player Formats Are Better”

Many pages have been devoted by fans of Warcraft’s raiding scene to whether one raid format is harder… 1,746 more words

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Project Motivation and Organization

About a few days ago, I stumbled across this gem of a youtube video from the excellent crew over at Extra Credits (long time fan of the show BTW) that covers the very basics of starting to create your own video game ( as well as thoughtful questions to ponder and advice before jumping in headfirst ). 70 more words


Rethinking my Projects + video

Hello, I’d like to share a video I think will be helpful to anyone starting out in game development & one that has made me reconsider my projects. 323 more words

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a cabin in the woods

I’m leaving in the morning for a long weekend of tomfoolery, camaraderie and isolation in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I’m bringing a few games and prototypes, as well as my… 228 more words

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Game Design Fan Fiction

Hello all, and welcome to 2015. As of this month, I have now been blogging for two whole years. It’s been off and on at some points, I’ll admit. 1,023 more words

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Extra History videos have me craving some Civ5 action

All these Extra History videos are making me want to play some Civilization V. On super-fast mode, though. I’m not so into waiting.

I wonder what it is that makes these videos so interesting. 33 more words

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