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Here’s a short bit from a group of guys who publish a channel called “Extra Credits”.  They provide a great analysis on game development, and the people who play video games.  39 more words

Life Thoughts

What the heck are "true female characters" anyway? A rant.

By the way, when male gamers talk about what they ought to do to make gaming more attractive to “females” (please imagine a Ferengi voice here) and how gamers must change and how gamers must act in order to get girls interested in playing videogames … Look. 974 more words


The Medium is the Message (feat. Gotye)

There’s a sort of mantra among artists, media makers, or whatever you want to call us: “the medium is the message”, meaning that the artistic medium, in and of itself and whatever it may be, is an inherently more effective tool at conveying its message than any of the components that make up its actual content. 823 more words


Feb. 27th response

One thing I got which related to my experience in module one is that Ira Glass said we need to cut out the crap in order to make good stuff which consolidate my decison to make more short clips for module two in order to make a more interesting and informative video project. 41 more words


BBC C2 Radio Cymru

Lisa Gwilym is one of Radio Cymru’s most popular presenters. Her radio programme looks at the best new music from the Welsh Music Scene. One weekly slot on her programme is looking at the latest news from the Welsh Music Scene. 151 more words

Owain Gruffudd

Antena: Y Lle

At the start of September, I was approached by Antena, a production company based in Caernarfon in North Wales, to write scripts on one of their weekly items. 266 more words

Owain Gruffudd

Golwg 360: Rugby Blogger

Music isn’t the only written experiences I’ve had over the past few months. I’ve also been involved in Golwg 360′s effort to build up their online presence by getting blogs on different subjects such as rugby, football, music, technology and politics. 216 more words

Owain Gruffudd