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Extra Credits - Free to Play Is Currently Broken

Not really about MMOs, but certainly could be applicable in some cases, as it takes on the whole “whales” concept in free to play.

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designing good and accurate historical games

“Often we use history merely as a skin, and then leave the player to make purely gamey decisions within that setting.”

Extra Credits gets at the meat of a particularly tough nut here.

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Extra Credits is good and you should watch it.

I mentioned before in my post about advertising that the free to play model would benefit tremendously from new revenue streams. The Extra Credits video series just put up a new video voicing all of my concerns far better than I could. 125 more words

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You Should Be Watching

Jaded and cynical users of the internet would testify that Youtube and all of its videos are nothing more than cheap vlogs, unfunny commentary, and/or plain old stupidity in motion. 489 more words


The Guys at Extra Credits Need your Help!

So, These guys are some of the coolest people i know in the realm of game analysis. They’ve been creating kick ass content for a few years now and they are totally worth your support. 55 more words


Humble Extra Credits Bundle!

There is an… interesting… Humble Bundle right now featuring games that you might not have tried already. They have never been in a bundle before, and while they might not be the best games in the world, they are certainly, once again, ‘ 63 more words

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