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Let's Make a Game Part 4

And we’re back. Things have been so nuts with the holidays and large life decisions lately that I haven’t been focusing on what really matters; making my first crappy game ever. 469 more words


Throwing out Video Games

Gone Home can never be a video game.

And that statement will be the first infamous statement of my blog (combined with the post title I should be offending every single camp out there), but also crucial to the point I am about to make, which is that while the term “video game” may be a popular term to use, and with it conjures this medium many people lovingly call their hobby, it needs to go. 1,309 more words

Extra Credits

Significance of the Historical Genre

So lately I’ve been taking an interest in things of a historical nature. Maybe its because I’m finally sharing the constructed world I’ve been working on a while with people on the internet. 79 more words


It Can't Rain All the Time

On a related note, I finished watching “The Revenant” on Netflix. It is a dark vampire, but carried by a pair of wise cracking buddies. Forgive it some moment of CG for which it does not have the budget and laugh while you watch the morality play unfold. 77 more words


Web Post 4

Are Video Games About Their Mechanics? – This video discusses the role of mechanics in video games and how they interact with narrative. Mechanics are essentially rules which allow players to take certain actions in a game. 248 more words

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Mechanics vs Narrative in Gaming

This past week has been a little bit of a mess for me in terms of productivity. I’ve been doing a lot of last minute work and planning for NaNoWriMo on everything from outlines to character creation. 303 more words


The Watch List: Extra Credits

By Joe Strange

Today’s watch list is a little different to the usual fare. Instead of 40/20 minute shows I’m going to recommend a Youtube channel; Extra Credits. 356 more words