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E.T. acrylic painting

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Episode #23

Hey guys! This week’s brick room is mostly about aliens! The space kind and what we would do or be able to do in the event of a close encounter! 15 more words


On Being a Citizen of the Universe...

A few days ago, an acquaintance of mine posted a Facebook status saying those friends of his who refused to partake in politics for spiritual reasons were, essentially, bad because we thought we were too good to get involved with the political process of change. 1,187 more words

Cautionary Tale: E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial

Storyteller Matt Holohan shares a cautionary tale of video games adapted from films…

My first video game console was the Atari 2600, which I bought used from a friend when he got an NES for his birthday. 507 more words

Video Games

Aliens and the Bible

Does the Bible allow for the existence of extra-terrestrial life? Most of this post came from notes I took in 2003 after a friend’s and my caffiene-induced ponderings over the possibility of life on other planets. 945 more words

Film Review ~ "Contact"

Rating: 5/5

The oldest question of all time: are we alone?  Contact starts off by revealing how incredibly vast space is.  Visually the opening scene is designed to bring home the message which is also the tag-line of the film: “If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space.”  Indeed. 495 more words

Good News: The Excavation Of The Great Atari Video Game Burial To Continue

You know that old gamers’ tale that somewhere in the desert there’s a bunch of E.T. Atari games buried in shame? Well, LightBox Interactive and Fuel Entertainment are planning on making a documentary about the whole E.T. 267 more words