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To Infinity, and Beyond: Science Fiction Countdown – 5

The first time I saw this film was on television one Saturday afternoon, and it was one of my earliest realisations of the sheer wonder of film. 302 more words

Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas!

Santa had never paid me, or anyone I know, a visit at Christmas. But a loved one swears Star Brothers are regular visitors to his home. 121 more words


Extra Terrestrials are Demons/Fallen Angels

Those #ETs posing as our savior in the coming cataclysm, are fallen angels or demons. Do not be impressed with their technology: anti gravity machine, mental telepathy, etc. 33 more words


The Legend of Me

I think that it’s time that I tell you the legend of me.  According to my son, I’ve been alive for millions of years. I’m an extra-terrestrial witch who arrived here on my broomstick after falling out of the sky and crash-landing on earth. 322 more words