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Alien Communication Dries Up – Intense Speculation Grows.

Today, President Herrer of the World Congregation has told the watching World that SETL have not received a message for nearly two weeks. No reason has been given. 331 more words


One-Hundred-Seventy-Seven Kilograms

One‑Hundred‑Seventy‑Seven Kilograms

By Philip E. Kaveny,

The Judge spoke,

“Boy! We is going to slow your ass down.”

Cal stood before the judge.  He was six feet one and weighed 177 pounds. 3,478 more words


12 Days Until Aliens Land On Our Moon: Are We As A Species Ready?

With only 12 days until the greatest event in our history unfolds before our eyes; I thought I would take a brief look into whether humans as a species are ready to accept this mind-boggling reality. 697 more words


**Breaking News** Columbus Telescope Captures Mesmerising Image Of Approaching Alien Spacecraft**

Here we go again folks, yet another spine-chilling moment for us all to go through.

In what can only be described as extraordinary, what you see before your eyes is the clearest image yet of the approaching Alien Spacecraft. 238 more words


God Must Be Alien

Erich von Daniken in his book “Chariots of the Gods?” brought forth a radical idea that Gods whom we worship actually came far away from other galaxies. 97 more words


Marooned on Ceti-Alpha 5...

It has long been a fantasy of science fiction to visit other earth-like worlds. Star Trek’s universe seemed filled with “class-M” planets where poorly made-up Hollywood B-listers would make cameos from their home-world. 674 more words


So Many Earth-Like Planets, So Few Telescopes

Dennis Overbye for The New York Times:

“Astronomers announced on Tuesday that they had found eight new planets orbiting their stars at distances compatible with liquid water, bringing the total number of potentially habitable planets in the just-right “Goldilocks” zone to a dozen or two, depending on how the habitable zone of a star is defined.”

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