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David Evans' Performance

Over the previous two Tuesdays I have been taking part in David Evans’ rehearsals for the performance that will take place during Week 5. The primary objective of this performance is to hear movement through your peripheral vision. 44 more words

Reel to Reel: An Introduction to Staging, Scripting and Documentary Modes

“Since John Grierson defined documentary filmmaking as “the creative treatment of actuality” in the 1920s, filmmakers have continually developed new ways of representing reality on film.” 139 more words

Acting Job #1

55 hits on the blog. AWSOME! I’d not expected my writing to reach that many people yet. The fact it has is pretty great and a force to drive me forward. 527 more words

Chris Jones


Thực hiện lời hứa với mọi người đây, chap extra này hường phấn lắm nghen, tim bay tả lả luôn ai mà sợ nổi da gà thì đừng đọc còn lại thì xin mời thưởng thức… 3,455 more words


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” –


Words with ใ- (8) ใส่//sài

This has two different usages:

  • to put in

กาแฟใส่นม // kaafae sài nom

Coffee puts (lit.) milk = Coffee with milk

Credit pic: here

ชาไม่ใส่น้ำตาล // chaa mâi sài námtaan…

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Semester One Syllables

As I have mentioned in class earlier today, there is a substantial difference in the way CS1010E is taught in the first semester and the second semester. 96 more words