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Extract vs. All-Grain :: exBEERiment Results!

I find it near impossible to objectively identify what makes a beer universally good or bad. A disgusting infected ale to one is a delicious Flemish Red to another, that overly hopped pine tar at the pub is someone else’s favorite IPA. 3,028 more words

Home Brew

Visitor: An Extract

It came out from beneath the cover of the trees sometime after midnight, a haggard spectre whose movements alone, clumsy and pained, betrayed its corporeal nature. 201 more words

Creative Writing

We saw a fragment of the Berlin Wall at the lord’s art sculpture garden at Kentuck Knob.  M says to me, “this is a piece of the Berlin’s Wall.   29 more words


The Rule and the Exception

I have this theory about cliches and exceptions. I 
believe that while we live most of our life the way 
majority of the people do - go to school, then college, 
fall in love, get married, grow old - but in each case 
there is always one point in life where you get to be 
the exception. 958 more words

Effortless Dragon Herbs Wild Reishi Super Potency Extract 2

Although the annual dragon Boat Festival dragon Boat Race is still carried out during the very warm, but for the entire boat, Baiyun District, cultural heritage, these are not enough. 315 more words

SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract 90 Liquid Softgels with

Today, you can choose from a multitude of weight loss products and supplements. what makes green coffee bean extract unique? Unroasted green coffee beans are the 100% pure natural ingredient that makes up this supplement. 257 more words

Of Muira Puama Extract 500 mg 30 Capsules Potency

Along with regular use of Fantasy capsules as one of the best natural and herbal female libido enhancers, you should follow some other tips also to enhance… 304 more words