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Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons

As part of the Blood Chimera blog hop, I’m playing host today to an extract as a spotlight of the book. Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons released from World Weaver Press on the 12th August. 696 more words

Guest Visits

At least reporters got a response

By the sort of contradiction that modern technology often inflicts upon us, the personal computer most “print” journalist use to transmit their copy is, essentially, impersonal. 503 more words

Project Camino: Part I of V


All stories have origins. Wether or not they happen in a particularly epic manner or not is a different manner. For me, the start of my 260km trek through Spain didn’t start with a vision in a burning bush, or a visit from the ghost of Christmas past, or a paranormal entity crawling out of my TV, but walking out of a cinema, 99p Chicken Mayo burger in hand. 367 more words


In The Beginning..............

It seems like ages ago when Dennis, Jesse, and myself finally stopped procrastinating and began brewing our first beers. In fact it wasn’t even a year ago. 501 more words


Held Breath

I was having tea with my mom and M at her place during my days in Costa Rica.  M saw the leather wineskin hanging in the corner with the braided onions; my parents always decorated as if they had a bazaar in a market in Istanbul.   100 more words


OGG-00212, what a frustrating error.

Normally, I don’t mind errors when I’m working with Oracle GoldenGate (OGG); I actually like getting errors, keeps me on my toes and gives me something to solve.   296 more words


Weekly Update: Testing New Equipment via Extract Brewing

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been tweaking my brewing process. As such, I recently updated my brewing equipment. No longer am I a carboy shaker and ice bath maker as I’ve acquired an oxygen system and wort chiller. 358 more words

Apartment Brewing