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Pre-publication Extract from Wizard of Ends, Book 1

If you haven’t already read the first pre-publication extract and introduction to this new fantasy adventure series, please read Wizard of Ends – A Magical New Adventure Series… 306 more words


Woman Taking on Ocean Spray is a Real Hero and Needs Support

She is doing something I wish I was able to do. These food mafuacturers need to stop mislabeling and adding so much sugar to their drinks. 255 more words


101 - feat. ARAKI

“people say i’m insensitive, why?; maybe because i’m a gemini, i’m not alone, there is another me, there’s me snivelling and another me watching”
a photo is a moment between the past and the future. 39 more words


The Merry-Go-Round

A merry-go-round might be the most misleading 
name ever given to a ride. Let me tell you one thing;
there is no 'merriment' in the fact that you are being… 411 more words

The Rule and the Exception

I have this theory about cliches and exceptions. I 
believe that while we live most of our life the way 
majority of the people do - go to school, then college, 
fall in love, get married, grow old - but in each case 
there is always one point in life where you get to be 
the exception. 958 more words


What an amazing morning it is. 

Remember how on Telle-tubbies the sun was 
always the face of a baby? Itseemed so silly 
before but now watching the sun this morning, I 
thought I understood why, as I saw it slowly, 
teasingly crawl up the dark sequinned blanket above
our heads, spilling dashes of oranges and pinks 
messily as it lit up our world.  573 more words


She could no longer tell if she was walking or not, 
but since the scenery was changing every few seconds, 
she figured she was. Every part of her body felt numb:
her hands, her feet, her face, even her brain. 255 more words