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Doing a 'talk' about writing and books

In the past month I’ve done a number of ‘speaking engagements’ with local organisations about my books, both the content and the writing and publishing process. 1,082 more words


Snip. Store. Share.

I am uncertain how to mention something I came across while browsing casually (yes, we all do it, one way or the other; there is no escape from it). 405 more words


Pre-publication Extract from Wizard of Ends, Book 1

If you haven’t already read the first pre-publication extract and introduction to this new fantasy adventure series, please read Wizard of Ends – A Magical New Adventure Series… 306 more words


Woman Taking on Ocean Spray is a Real Hero and Needs Support

She is doing something I wish I was able to do. These food mafuacturers need to stop mislabeling and adding so much sugar to their drinks. 255 more words


101 - feat. ARAKI

“people say i’m insensitive, why?; maybe because i’m a gemini, i’m not alone, there is another me, there’s me snivelling and another me watching”
a photo is a moment between the past and the future. 39 more words


The Merry-Go-Round

A merry-go-round might be the most misleading 
name ever given to a ride. Let me tell you one thing;
there is no 'merriment' in the fact that you are being… 411 more words

The Rule and the Exception

I have this theory about cliches and exceptions. I 
believe that while we live most of our life the way 
majority of the people do - go to school, then college, 
fall in love, get married, grow old - but in each case 
there is always one point in life where you get to be 
the exception. 958 more words