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Extraordinary Inspiration For Luxurious Bathroom Simple But Stylish Small Design by Decoration Themes

Extraordinary Inspiration For Luxurious Bathroom Simple But Stylish Tiny Design – via
Occasionally we get marvelous notion to readjust ours bathroom, this picture ought to be offer to you an thought to compose your bathroom look a lot more aesthetic. 19 more words

Magic of Ordinary Days

Earlier this week, one of the Hallmark Channels aired a movie entitled, “The Magic of Ordinary Days.”  It is a drama set during World War II when the world was a very different place. 378 more words


One Friend, Two Friend, Red Friend, Blue Friend

We are not made to live in isolation. We need each other.

Oh sure, I know that not everyone thrives on being around people all the time. 758 more words


Where's the fun with being average?

The spice of life involves thinking outside the cubicle.  No one ever grew up saying…”One day, yes, one day, I will work in a cloth-covered box.”  If they did say it, then most likely they are not reading this blog because they don’t have the natural thirst for knowledge.  86 more words

My Two Cents And Nickel

It's the Little Things

Every expectant mother anticipates the day she will meet her child for the first time. It is indeed an amazing moment when she first gazes into the eyes of her newborn babe. 497 more words


Peace in Pieces

We are so ordinary, we are so typical and nothing can remind you of this but a crowd. Think about climbing on and off a crowded subway station, think about a shopping mall or think about a concert. 222 more words