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Character Spotlight: Alistair Zenteri (Winner of the Heir Vote)

Kieran Torres

Full name: Alistair Kieran Torres Zenteri

Birthday: January 19, 2061

Age: TBD

Occupation: Criminal (Art Thief)

Current Location: TBD

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

Torres Legacy

Deleted Riley scene from Chapter 5

Author’s note: While I write these two long Eva chapters, here’s a deleted scene from Tony’s last chapter.

Torres Legacy

Character Spotlight: Grace London

Grace London

Full name: Grace Sawyer London

Birthday: May 12, 2071

Age (Prologue): 17

Occupation: Baker

E & E Bakery, Owner

Current Location: TBD

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

To be revealed in Gen 4

Torres Legacy