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My "Healthy" Lunch

Today my mom made me a healthy trail mix and she threw some M&M’s in there
(to make it not-so-healthy). I said:
“Wow mom this is really good but I’m hungry for lunch. 32 more words


My Mom and Her Newspapers… (And My Comics!)

My Mom subscribed to the local newspaper and let me tell you, reading them is NOT one of her priorities. She has stacks of newspapers in her bin that she hasn’t read in forever. 39 more words


Good Friday

The Via Dolorosa (Latin for “way of grief”) is the traditional name for the Jerusalem street where Jesus Christ walked on His way to the crucifixion site, on the morning of His death.  26 more words


Being gay - extra

You are not born gay. You have the mind to change. You HAVE to change. You’re not normal.

This words, really hits me right through thr heart.

276 more words


Onomatopoeia is the creation of a word from the natural sound or association with it. These are incredibly important to know in English, because it will allow you to express yourself creatively when writing, and also help make sense of those descriptions often seen in subtitles. 98 more words