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Where is Everybody?, by Stephen Webb

Where is Everybody? is about the Fermi Paradox, which is also related to the Drake Equation, both of which are named for famous scientists.

The Drake Equation is intended to estimate the number of intelligent species in the universe by taking the total number of stars, multiplying it by how many planets each one has on average, multiplying that by the fraction of planets that have all the necessary conditions for life to start, etc., etc. 1,488 more words


The Arrogance of Science

This week I found myself in a conversation concerning the possibility of life elsewhere in our galaxy, so reference was made to the Fermi Paradox ( 695 more words

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Aliens are here on Earth, but they won't Harm Us

The Earth won’t be in any danger in our era’s soon, and we won’t be there to witness it. The aliens have bases in underwater lakes. 200 more words

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Introducing TES, author of The Obexlanders

“Outskirts is a great company with great support staff. I can only say good things as the book was published exactly as I wanted it.” 458 more words

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