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What If of the Day

So, I’m watching Ancient Aliens right now, and they keep equating the gods of the polytheistic religions with extraterrestrials. Cool idea. I can’t help thinking, though, what if those “gods” and/or extraterrestrials were actually the fallen angels that were cast out of heaven alongside Lucifer? 64 more words

Ancient Aliens

Ken Ham is at it again

I know that I said previously that I would stay away from the topic of religion because it tends to never produce meaningful or productive dialogue. 847 more words

Alien Take-Out

When you visit a foreign country, one of the things you probably look forward to is sampling the local cuisine. Those of you who don’t like to try new things probably end up eating at McDonalds or the local Chinese restaurant. 922 more words


The Extraterrestrial Life Debate II

Following the brief introduction that I gave in the previous post, I will here attempt to give a succinct account of the events which opened the doors to the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials before the Copernican revolution in 1543 (I cannot possibly resist the urge to mention that the last three digits of the year of the publication of Copernicus’s heliocentric theory, which incidentally is the year of his death, are the first three Pythogorean numbers, ie. 604 more words

Random Thoughts

Souls on Speed

Nobody knows how the brain may (or may not) work to create what we call consciousness. We do, however, know that the brain tissue of many animals and humans have… 654 more words


Prehistoric Webcam

The acknowledgement of extraterrestrial life would might be a shock to religion, but it could be the best thing that ever happened to historians and archeologists. 293 more words


The Inner Monster: Alien and It! The Terror from Beyond Space

For Sound on Sight:

Otherness is the inevitable theme of films dealing with extraterrestrials. They are the ultimate foreigners, organisms who inhabit planets unlike our own. 206 more words