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There are perhaps a dozen of these rare crystal skulls in private and public collections. Some are crystal clear, others of smoky or colored quartz. Some are actual… 77 more words

The way my mind works, Part the Infinity

Every once in a while I like to shine a little light into the dark corners of my brain, where all the ruminatin’ happens. If this sort of horror show appeals to you, you might try this earlier post, about… 606 more words

It's All About Me

The View from Above

Dear Friends,
What is it about leaving our ‘normal’ lives if only for a few days, that throws off the brain’s trajectory? The trajectory being any forward motion beyond a REM cycle. 243 more words


Hayes: Valley of the Dawn’s imaginary narrative empowers members in a chaotic reality

Amanda Mainguy | Staff Photographer
Kelly Hayes, professor of Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Diasporan religion at IUPUI, discusses Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn, aiming to demystify the religion and its value to Brazilians. 1,060 more words

Chautauqua Institution

Ancient Fingers Pointing The Way as UFO'S Come From Heaven

Ancient alien theorists such as Erich von Däniken believe that, thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials landed on Earth where they were hailed as gods and helped shape human civilization. 512 more words


What’s in the Night Sky?

As far back as I can remember I have been a night sky watcher. During my childhood our family would jump into the car for a night at the drive-in movies —there were always two movies back-to-back on Friday and Saturday evenings. 203 more words