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Too Much

I’ve always thought my feelings were a bit extreme. Whenever I’m happy, I become overly excited. Whenever I’m sad, I become overly depressed. Even when I’m scared, I become so inordinately frightened that I find myself seconds away from making my own heart suffer a heart attack and dying so that I can feel “safe” once again. 56 more words

Video Review: Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka


Este foi a minha Review da Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka. Este lançador não se encontrará à venda em Portugal, mas irá estar à venda nos EUA. 128 more words


Enjoy life to the greatest extremes!


I left home almost a month ago, and did not make any plans or arrangements to go back within a specific date. As I was watching Chasing Mavericks for the second time, something clicked, it was like an impulse, but not the kind that drives you to buy something or call someone, it was like a reminder from a previous lifetime, like remembering a mission. 450 more words


22 Extreme Selfies

Your 300 selfies from the same angle, making the same face don’t even come close to these 22 extreme selfiesThese are amazing and frankly, I’m a little queasy looking at some of them.



The Lifestyle of a Black Belt: The Unexpected

When I earned my black belt I felt I was mentally and physically prepared for my testing.

I had spent over a year exclusively training my body to be ready for the challenge.  1,298 more words

Black Belt