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Learn Through Music

Check out my track “The Water Bear” on the Volumen Musica page!

Listen to it first, then read its description. I’m… 8 more words


The Third Domain

The Third Domain

Moon deconstructing
Guardian of the deep night
A crescent or sphere?

On outhouse front doors
Or gracing a mandala?
It’s phases await… 339 more words

Ecology and Systems Biology: Extreme Environments

Today we focused on 8 factors that are commonly found in environments we consider to be extreme.  Students began the lesson with an introduction to the bell curve and an brief explanation of the mean and standard deviation.   125 more words

Systems Biology

Ecology and Systems Biology: Extremophiles

At the beginning of class yesterday, students were faced with the following scenario: You are an extreme environment engineer.  Pick your next work assignment.  The options were: The Ocean Floor, Olympus Mons (tallest known volcano in the solar system, located on Mars), Antarctica, and The Moon.   277 more words

Systems Biology

Ecology and Systems Biology: Clicker Quiz

We began the day with a quick video about the tardigrade (below).  Then, students took their second clicker quiz of the year today.  Questions included a review of the metric system, tools scientists use, ecosystem vocabulary, and a question about extremophiles.   6 more words

Systems Biology


We humans consider ourselves as the strongest guys on the planet. What if I tell you a bunch of microorganisms are far stronger than us…? Yep, they can defeat us easily, even though you might be hitting the gym every day. 796 more words