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We humans consider ourselves as the strongest guys on the planet. What if I tell you a bunch of microorganisms are far stronger than us…? Yep, they can defeat us easily, even though you might be hitting the gym every day. 796 more words

Ecosystem found under Antarctic ice sheet raises hopes for alien life

Ecosystem found under Antarctic ice sheet raises hopes for alien life – Telegraph.


Tiny rock-eating lifeforms have been discovered living half a mile beneath pack ice in Antarctica, raising the prospect that life could exist in similarly hostile environments such as Mars… 336 more words


Russia's Space Science Head Outlines Ambitious Future Space Plans

Speaking in Moscow on Saturday at the 40th Science Assembly of the highly-respected international Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), Lev Zeleny, Director of Russia’s Space Research Institute, presented a wide-ranging and ambitious plan for Russian space exploration and space science over the next two decades. 458 more words

Space Exploration

The rover Curiosity recently failed to detect methane on Mars. What might this result mean for Mars’ present or past habitability?

This is my final year dissertation in full. It was submitted on 21 March 2014 and scored 100 per cent. Minor edits were made, but little more than small changes in phrasing. 4,715 more words


Scientists Zipline Over The Door To Hell To Study Microbes

Jurassic Park wasn’t just being cheesy when it said that “life finds a way.” They damn well meant it; life finds a way to live no matter what. 204 more words


Life Beyond Earth

Today I bring you a great article in National Geographic, The Hunt for Life Beyond Earth. Written by Michael D. Lemonick with gorgeous photography by Mark Thiessen, the piece asks that age-old question: Are we alone? 16 more words