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"Fake it Until You Make it": The Power of the Introvert.

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At this point of my life, I would consider myself an introvert.  Most introverts gain their energy/creative power alone or in solitude. 37 more words

"Fake It Until You Make It."

Why Introverts Are Misunderstood

As I learned what it means to be an introvert, I found myself wondering why introverts are misunderstood. Since introverts comprise roughly half the population… 766 more words



Despite always being surrounded by a plethora of friends (or people who seem to not hate me) I’ve always kind of had a loud mouth. I’ve always said what was on my mind without any any real regard for what repercussions might arise because  422 more words


An Introvert's Guide to Becoming Sociable

Four years ago, I was an introvert. I would freak out whenever I was ever in a social situation. On the Myer Briggs personality spectrum, I tested as an INFJ. 395 more words

Get Lost

October 6, 2014

Sometimes I think it would be nice to just disappear for a while. I have this niggling feeling that I would be able to pull it off too. 326 more words


Fall is upon us

Hey babe, come here often? ;)

Because I apparently don’t HAH!

But really. I hope everyone out there is having a healthy transition into fall(see what I did there?) I know the change of seasons can bring wonderful things like pretty leaves and apple cider, but also the bittersweet goodbye kiss of summer, and the frosty embrace of winter. 165 more words



I’m an introvert & that’s cool by me. We live in a world dominated by extrovert thinking, it’s what people are encouraged to be when they’re looking for work, at interviews, when you’re out with friends. 762 more words

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