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How To Network If You Don't Like To Network - 6 Tips For The Timid

Are you a networking zero, hero or somewhere in between? There are some people – extroverts usually – who are naturally outgoing and love to mix and mingle. 576 more words


A Double Rainbow

I helped with freshman orientation the other day and it sorta hit me all at once that school is coming. It’s insane how fast this summer went by. 260 more words

Me Ranting About Life

Quiet By Susan Cain

The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

A third of the world’s people are introverts. Rosa Parks was a hero, as she was a Black that refused to give up her seat to a White when ordered by the bus driver to do so. 3,255 more words

Non Fiction

When the social girl dreads being social...

For me, discovering a new writer or blogger on the internet is like a child bursting with excitement at 6am on Christmas morning, waiting to tear into all the goodies underneath the tree. 1,093 more words



I wonder if it’s just me, because I really feel alone in this. I continuously make mistakes while being aware that I am making them, but not really being able to stop myself. 159 more words

Introversion is not a problem; it's a personality trait

How To Handle the Strange, Antisocial, Rude Behaviors of an Introvert

First of all, there needs to be a change in mindset. 90% of the time an introvert does something that seems rude or weird(e.g., saying they don’t want to hang out with you tonight), it’s not meant to be so. 1,091 more words