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Why It's A Shame Writing Letters Went Extinct

“Writing isn’t letters on paper. It’s communication. It’s memory.”

– Isaac Marion

Writing letters is a lost art now days. Letters used to be the sole communication between people, but now it’s been replaced with the telephone, the cell phone, texting, chat rooms, emails, instagram, Facebook, snap chats, etc. 397 more words


Socializing Offline

I have been talking to a lot of people lately, more people than I usually do.

This may not be unusual for a lot of people, but it is for me. 706 more words


7 Things Every Extrovert Is Tired Of Hearing

1. The world is catered toward extroverts.

Is it really though?

Yes, leadership positions come more naturally to extroverts. But there are a variety of important life passages that extroverts struggle with as well. 685 more words

How I started painting

I started painting one year ago, when I decided to listen to an inner call. I could as well have started singing, dancing or acting. We all have as individuals an excess of mental energy, a restlessness that hinders us from being satisfied. 360 more words

Unreliable Or Trustworthy: What Does Your Face Say About You?

Do you judge a human book by its cover? Assign people personality traits based on their faces? Better be careful if you do.

New research… 463 more words


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Carrie's blog on Introverts I can totally relate. I consistently hear "your too pretty to be angry or sad" or "smile" or something to that affect. I am an Introvert and we think way too much hence the seemingly angry or depressed expression. Introverts are consistent thinkers and worriers and Extroverts will never understand. Thanks for sharing Carrie, I hope you didn't mind I re-blogged your article.

Being Someone or Something Your Not

I have on a subconscious and sometimes a conscious level tried and pushed too hard to fit in with people very different from me. I have tried and pushed too hard to fit into group cultures that didn’t suit me. 872 more words

Creating Your Life Journey

Boo Hoo Extroverts.

Facebook is full of posts on ‘How to tell if…’ The ones that have piqued my interest are the ones surrounding introverts and extroverts.  I would describe myself as an introvert with extrovert tendencies.   605 more words