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Temperaments shape a person’s personality


We’ve all seen the listicles on Buzzfeed trying to sum up the life of an introvert or extrovert.

Whether it’s parties – “76 Thoughts All Introverts Have At Parties,” or interests – “20 Things Extroverts Love,” the Internet is working hard at defining us. 575 more words


'Quiet' by Susan Cain

As an introduction to this book, I will start with the tagline: ‘The power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’. Calling this book an eye-opener doesn’t do it justice; it is more of a mind and heart opener. 722 more words


Would you choose an introverted giver as your trusted adviser?

“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” – Susan Cain.

We live in a world where speaking up is considered a far more important behavioural trait than listening quietly and taking it all in. 581 more words


Editorial Video

Another assignment came our way in the form of an editorial video. We have to make a video speaking about an issue we feel strongly about and expose our opinions. 273 more words

Can I stop Facebook for 1 Week?!

In chapter 9 of “Hamlet’s Blackberry”, William Powers talks about the 5th Philosopher “Ben Franklin”. He was the first Philosopher that actually enjoyed being in the ‘crowd’, being connected, and always being with others. 274 more words


She meets no
pulls every heart
Sees every ding
in psyche;
wants to hold
them tight to
stop their leakage.

I need a breather. 255 more words

Growing up Introvert

Introverts seem to be in the “news” quite a bit lately. I’ve been reading more and more about the introvert/extrovert dynamic, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this subject getting attention! 754 more words