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Happy, with a Blue Tongue

I’m feeling particularly cheerful today.  Thank you, Lord!!

This weekend, I determined that I would make a conscious effort to start nurturing the extrovert in me as much as I have been protecting the HSP in me.   481 more words


Being Alone Doesn't Mean You're Lonely

People that enjoy alone time have been called everything from loners to introverts and everything in between. I’ve been called anti-social, a hermit, stuck up, you name it. 501 more words

Real Life

Introvert In An Extroverted World

Every time I log into my blog and click the ‘add new post’ button I always have the desire to write some deeply profound blog post. 830 more words


Now that you’ve had your alphabet review for the day.  haha.

The further I go on this journey of understanding this part of me that is a Highly Sensitive Personality, the more paradox I discover.   288 more words


What's your type? Opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together

Type: a kind, class, or category, the constituents of which share similar characteristics (The Free Dictionary)

By nature, we like to categorise people into groups. This how our brains deal with the complexity of the world. 1,040 more words

Personal Change

Is it “natural” to be either an introvert or an extrovert?

In this blog I discuss some of my own experience and perceptions as a long time ‘introvert’ and ponder whether introversion and extroversion are really things that we should identify ourselves with, and whether they are something which are part of our ‘individual natures’ that can’t or shouldn’t be changed. 2,184 more words


One good thought: The Power of Quiet

‘My vision of the right world is a world where it’s yin and yang, you know, and there’s space for extroverts and there’s space for introverts, and it’s equal space…’