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Why the World Needs its Introverts

” Solitude is sometimes best society.”

                                      – S.T Coleridge

Since childhood, Cara loved reading book in her room and playing by herself with her toys. On the other hand, Elle liked going to the park often to play with her friends and loved being in groups.

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In Defense of the Quiet

I often inhabit the inner circles of introvert hell.  My work involves isolated groups of youngish, wierdish, over-educated people forced together, for better or for worse, until we all get laid off. 1,662 more words


Introvert?  Extrovert? It doesn't matter!

I’ve been exploring Introverts and Extroverts for some time now. I’ve written a few articles and read a few more discovering the phenomena of, so known, being more or less social labelled as introverts and extroverts. 1,156 more words

Anna Kochetkova

Mini rant about the 'quiet' label

At work, I have been told that my work is great, everyone thinks I’m doing well, but to be careful not to be labelled ‘too quiet’. 233 more words


"I Would Rather Cut My Arm Off…"

Well, here it comes again.  The tightness in my chest; the nausea.  The creeping sense of fear and panic.  Why am I sweating so badly?  I can hear the sound of my heart speeding up as I walk down the driveway into the backyard.   900 more words

The Beauty of Quiet

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking is such an essential book. While I acknowledge that I say this from a place of bias (I am a lifelong introvert), the book is more of a guide to analyzing the traits of introverts and extroverts, and talking about how people are a mix of both. 282 more words

21st Century Literature

I am an introvert and that's fine

I have become a little bit addicted to the TED talks lately. Not only they are very inspiring, they are also very informative. One of my favourite is ‘The Power of Introverts’ by American writer and lecturer (and “quiet revolutionary”) Susan Cain. 411 more words