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Why Are Birthdays So Rough On Some Of Us & Happy-Go-Lucky For Others?

Why Are Birthdays So Rough On Some Of Us & Happy-Go-Lucky For Others?

I’ve never understood this, and maybe I never will. My birthday blues have hit me early this year, and they’ve hit hard. 1,291 more words


Introverts Unite (At Your Own Separate Locations)

I have a man who is in charge of recruiting at a college frequently complain to me about Facebook and how he doesn’t like/understand it. I find this extremely amusing and somewhat tragic as he’s a… 512 more words

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Only introverts get anxious?

Recently I was asked whether I feel that anxiety shifts more towards introverts or extroverts. The lady who asked me was certain introverts are more prone to anxiety, simply because these are individuals who are reserved, partake in minimal conversation, who are listeners and not talkers, implying that these are individuals who keep their thoughts inside of their head and express little of their concerns, issues and challenges they face, further implying they bottle up things inflicting anxiety.  291 more words

Why the World Needs its Introverts

” Solitude is sometimes best society.”

                                      – S.T Coleridge

Since childhood, Cara loved reading book in her room and playing by herself with her toys. On the other hand, Elle liked going to the park often to play with her friends and loved being in groups.

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In Defense of the Quiet

I often inhabit the inner circles of introvert hell.  My work involves isolated groups of youngish, wierdish, over-educated people forced together, for better or for worse, until we all get laid off. 1,662 more words


Introvert?  Extrovert? It doesn't matter!

I’ve been exploring Introverts and Extroverts for some time now. I’ve written a few articles and read a few more discovering the phenomena of, so known, being more or less social labelled as introverts and extroverts. 1,156 more words

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