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14 Benefits Of Having A Super Outgoing Friend When You’re The Awkward Introvert

1. Your social circle is always expanding. They can introduce you to people you might have otherwise not known. Your friend is always socializing and meeting new people and just… 593 more words

Introverts Pushed To Be Extroverts At Work: Why?

Since when did being an introvert become such a problem? Well, since forever. Take this post by an introvert (here). This author complains about how people chastise his personality type and constantly try to “fix” him. 705 more words


Your status updates say more about your personality than you might think

Do our Facebook posts reflect our true personalities? Incrementally, probably not. But in aggregate, the things we say on social media paint a fairly accurate portrait of our inner selves. 599 more words

Being an Introvert (or Extrovert) on the Rez

I am an introvert. It means that I find socializing draining, not that I don’t like socializing. It means I need alone time every once in a while. 140 more words


The Loner

I feel different, just like how everybody feels different from the rest of humanity. (We are unique, just like everybody else). What I mean by different from the usual is that my closest friends are not gay. 923 more words

About Me

13 Things That Suck A Little Bit About Dealing With Introverts

1. They expect you to be a mind reader.

They don’t want to be a bother and state what they want out loud, but they also want you to magically know what that is. 821 more words

If It's Comfortable, You Ain't Learning

I’ve managed to build the life an introvert like myself can enjoy. Small, unobtrusive home at the end of a quiet road (little traffic!) with neighbors who, like me, mostly keep to themselves. 584 more words