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Eye bags no more!

My lifestyle is to go to work Mon- Friday like a typical office girl, go out to meet some friends, work on my side venture, go home and sleep past 1 or 2am most of the week. 145 more words


Eye bags and Tea bags

Earlier today a friend of mine approached me and said that since she’s now working graveyard shifts, and she’s noticed eye bags and asked if I had any advice. 501 more words

Tips And Tricks

X marks the happy spot

Well today has been a lovely day. Catching up with an ex colleague turned friend and then playing with my boys. I particularly enjoyed the playing of “hunt for pirate treasure”. 347 more words

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer...Perfection or Pointless?


Hi Guys, 

Dark circles, eye bags, pigmentation, pimples…some of lifes daily challenges for girls, guys and gays. My biggest pain is dark circles. The phrase ‘looking like death’ usually applies to me first thing in the morning and frequently my first glance in the mirror makes me recoil in disgust…but all is not lost! 155 more words

Natural Herbal Remedies for Eye Bags Treatment

Formation of eye bags is a medical condition that is characterized by puffiness and swelling around the eyes. If you are reading up this article then definitely you are suffering from this eye disorder or maybe you are trying to help someone you know. 376 more words

Baggy Eyes

I have literally suffered all my life with puffy eyes. However in the past few years going from my late twenties into my early thirties this issue has been accentuated by dark circles which just wont budge. 823 more words

Blitz those puffy dark circles under your eyes

Puffy dark circles have been something that as I have got older have grown worse, especially after I hit thirty.

Although I am only 31 my eyes look constantly tired, puffy and dark. 311 more words