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10 Old School Beauty Tricks That Still Work

Back in the day, people didn’t have as many options for beauty products as we do now and they had to make do (and you can too!). 1,034 more words

Eye Bags

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We stood in the middle of the train cabin, squeezing with the crowd on our way home on a weekday evening as usual. With no available seats left, my wife and I hung on the handles trying to balance ourselves from the jerks that came with the train’s movements. 351 more words

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Customer success story: Youthful eyes

You can always see the age in or around a person’s eyes. I’m very self conscious about that, especially looking in the mirror and slowly seeing the age process creep up on me. 93 more words

Baggy eyes and crooked teeth are beautiful?

What’s considered to be beautiful do vary in all cultures. What do you think about white skin, baggy eyes, double eye lids and crooked teeth? 18 more words



I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is the way we apply and remove skin care products. Probably everyone knows we need to be gentle on our skin but few simple steps we do on a daily basis can make a huge difference over time. 192 more words

 a friend taught me a few quick strokes today.