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The Great Cancer Escape a.k.a.Two Weeks of Being my Old Self

For over two years now, my world revolved around cancer.

Eye cancer, breast cancer, re-occurrence, treatments and the fall-out of those.

When one counselor asked me what I did for fun, at first I couldn’t think of anything and then I found myself stuttering something about cooking and taking walks with my dog. 259 more words


Eye Cancer by Dr. Douglas Haigh

I saw a 32 year old female for her first eye exam.  She had no complaints and her vision was 20/20 in both eyes.  She was seen on the mobile clinic because she “never had time for an eye exam.”  She presented with a chief complaint of “nothing, I can see fine, I just wanted to do it today because I have insurance and it’s convenient.”   A closer look at her retina revealed a freckle, which turned out to be an early choroidal melanoma (eye cancer).  128 more words


PTSD Is Not Just For Soldiers

I stepped on the outside staircase landing, leash in the right hand, my dog pushing past my legs, tail wagging. But instead of going down the four flights of stairs, I stood rooted to the cement floor. 390 more words


'I'm loving motherhood': Edmonton midwife who had eye removed to save her son

Watch above: A local midwife, who just months ago had her eye removed to ensure the health of her unborn baby, wan celebrated with a baby shower Sunday. 546 more words


Eye Cancer Check-Up: Take Two

My alarm clock rang at 4:30 AM, pulling me out of a pill induced sleep. It was still dark outside and the narcotic was pushing my eyelids closed. 1,341 more words