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we are what we eat: food and its effects on Autism

*Please be sure to read the note at the end regarding the words “managing” Autism before making any assumptions about my stand on this issue. Heck, just go read the note no matter what, it’s a point we all need to consider. 1,245 more words

Eye Contact in Cereal Aisle Influence Your Purchase

Consumers are 16 percent more likely to trust a brand of cereal when the characters on the boxes on the supermarket shelves look them straight in the eye. 575 more words

New on 500px : the guy with a mango in each hand by AliveAndShooting by AliveAndShooting

His name is Ibrahim, we talked a moment on the street of Brussels about his life. He wanted to pose for a photo. I took some to create a diversion… then this “unexcepted bonus”, taken at the end (if you ask me for a posed photo, always expect for my unexpected shot ;-) ) He gave me one of his mangoes. 9 more words

Looking at Strangers

There is a man outside my window
He is chilling there
There is a man outside my window
He’s given me quite the scare

The man is moving closer now… 91 more words


Caught in the moment

“If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, it’s probably best to avoid eye contact.”

Jack Handy… 89 more words


Eye contact?

Given my insecurities, i have a great deal of trouble when it comes to maintaining eye contact with a girl, especially one that i find extremely attractive. 253 more words

The Battery Shuffle

Shit. The swing just died..and the spare batteries are in the mouse. How fast can I find a toy..a remote..anything with the right sized battery before Carter wakes up and realizes his ocean slumber sounds have quit, and he is no longer happily rocking into dreamland?! 109 more words