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Through My Eyes...Women Overseas

Traveling and seeing new places has always been appealing to me. I love the opportunities that I get to try authentic versions of foods that, until that point, I had only know the “Americanized” versions of. 522 more words

Life Lessons

The myth of eye contacts

Eyes, they say, are windows to a person’s soul. Poets, novelists and storytellers describe them as the communicator of truth. “They speak their own language,” goes a suggestion. 773 more words


The ABC's of Hypnosis Series: E

E is for eye contact.


The eyes really are the window to the soul. In a conversation we look to the eyes to receive unconscious  emotional cues about the mindset of the person listening or speaking. 185 more words


In Her Eyes

At a recent assessment for Split Pea, I was asked if she makes eye contact with me. It’s a question I’ve been asked many times before by social workers, GP, CAMHS in terms of determining her attachment to me I guess. 529 more words

Displays of Affection

So while I was growing up, I was really not into physical displays of affection. My friends and I rarely had that bff’s-hugging-each-other-away-all-the-time kind of thing going on. 1,000 more words


Two Words That Brighten Every Morning

It was about twelve years ago that I met my friend Joe Rich. When I met Joe, he spent some evenings instructing classes at the Dale Carnegie Institute and I noticed something about him that I think very well may have come from his training there. 337 more words