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More Thoughts On The Camera Fujifilm Should Make

I have to admit to being happier that a pig in a bucket of slop the bush* with my X100s, so I haven’t really felt compelled to slavishly drool over and exquisitely explore all of the new things the X-T1 does,** so there is some risk that what I’m about to say could be met with a ‘Hey, the X-T1 already does all of that, diddle-head!’ 810 more words

Eye-Fi ProX2 In X100s Initial Impressions (by an actual owner, mind)

Grrrr Ahhhh Rrrrr Ahhhh Fffff Garrrrr, #💀%💣%#$#**💣&#$💀%💀 Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fujifilm X-T1 Initial Impressions (by a non-owner, mind)

Today, back in the country for barely 12 hours,* I took a wee trip into Tokyo to purchase an Eneloop battery charger and an Eye-Fi Pro X2 card (an X2 for the X100s – heh, X-Pro1 owners can say ‘a Pro for the Pro’). 270 more words


Wow, I’m thrilled!!! I won the Spring Photo Contest that was held by the Dutch blogger Sanneke (Eten Volgens Mij). Oh wow, I’m really excited because it’s the first time I win a photo contest, so it’s actually a big deal to me! 78 more words


The Eye in WiFi

We’ve all heard of WiFi but have you heard of Eye-FI?  The Eye-Fi is a fairly new product and on the face of it this new product sounds like an interesting development.  99 more words