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I spy with my little eye - initial sounds.

Here is a game of eye spy that can help you to think about the initial sounds in words.  Challenge yourself by spelling out the words once they have been guessed correctly.   19 more words

Live Fast, Die Young

Of course everybody knows that stress is a bad thing, it makes you lose sleep, causes breakout on you’re beautiful face not to mention potentially damages organs, but I think there is one ‘good’ stress. 95 more words

Healthy spin on spirit week at Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club

SALAD dressing spirit week. LOVE IT!

Monday: French (high style)

Tuesday: Ranch (cowboys and cowgirls)

Wednesday: Greek (togas)

Thursday: Thousand Island Dressing (tropical style)

Friday: House (Denver Broncos orange and blue) 7 more words


Wear your health on your t-shirt

I love how serious this kid is about eating his veggies!

Eye Spy

Best Of Show: The Armory Show

Of course I want to name names but there’s just too many.