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Lasik Pre-Jitters (48 Hours Prior)

48 hours (or a little less) until my Lasik procedure. Now, for those that don’t know me, I am a worry wart. I get anxious over things I can’t control. 295 more words


Proficient Oculoplastic Surgeons of Bangalore Eye Hospital

Oculoplastic surgeons are eye doctors who are specialized in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. These surgeons have expertise to various surgeries, such as eyelid malpositions and complex reconstruction of eyelids, forehead, cheeks and temporal. 293 more words

Different Types Of Eye Surgery

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more Korean celebrity, Park Bom, is being rumored to have some plastic surgery procedures to make over her appearance. Even, this rumor becomes a hot headlines in Korean celebrity magazines. 344 more words

Cosmetic Surgery

I want what she's having ....

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s been sucked into ‘buying a bargain’ just because it lands in my inbox. When you open your email and there is a… 185 more words

The benefits of Lasik eye surgery

There are innumerable people throughout the world who suffer from poor vision or other eye problems but are too tired to wear glasses or contact lenses. 506 more words

Eye Surgery

Experience: LASIK eye surgery

Today I am 3 weeks post LASIK eye surgery and I wanted to share my experience with anyone on the fence about this and to anyone wearing contacts or glasses that are not 100% satisfied.  1,442 more words

The LASIK experience

I don’t show it, but I am petrified. The papers I signed list “Death” as potential outcome, twice. The numerous other potential side effects listed are arguably more scary than death, at least to a young single man in his prime.  644 more words