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a makeover

Doris has been hanging on the back of my workroom door since she was made but there’s always been something about her that I’ve never been happy with so today she was given a new hairdo, a little eye surgery, and a pair of red earrings to co-ordinate with her lippy. 31 more words


A Search for Truth

I met a retired doctor here in Mandalay this week.  He talked about his fascination with the concept and theory of “Emergence” and seemed to be quite attached to the notion that there was a deep truth in it. 338 more words

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While I Recover

I’m recovering from eye surgery that I had last week, and am not up to doing a whole lot, so I’ve been creating some cards  while I get myself together.   379 more words

Eye Surgery

Where did you get those eyes?

From my momma and my poppa thank you!

But somewhere around maybe age two (I don’t really know the origin age of my eye issues) my mother noticed something was wrong. 422 more words


Saturday 24th January - reducing the drops again

Today as scheduled I reduced the Dexamethasone eye drops again. They are now administered twice a day. The Combigan (timolol/brimonidine) drops for reducing eye pressure remain at twice a day until I finish all the drops. 122 more words

Eye Surgery

Friday 16th January - Plus ça change...

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as the saying goes.

So, since stopping the Atropine it’s taken a week for my pupil size to return to normal. 94 more words

Eye Surgery

Friday 9th January - Pining for the Atropine

Today was the last day I had to administer the Atropine drops. Tomorrow is also the day when I reduce the frequency of the Dexamethasone drops again. 11 more words

Eye Surgery