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[PHOTOS] Renee Zellweger's New Face???

No really!

Renee Zellweger seems to have a new face. Last night she attended ELLE’s 21st Annual Women In Hollywood celebration and brought her new face with her. 318 more words


New eyes with Dr. Verdier IV

The Grand Finale delivers 20/20 vision

Note: This is the fourth installment in the mini-series called “New eyes with Dr. Verdier” about cataracts and eye surgeries. 869 more words

Emma Palova Blog On Word Press

iLASIK Booklet Helps Patients Navigate Through Refractive Eye Surgery

The latest informational booklet has been released over the weekend.  You may download it without any obligation and free of charge.  It will introduce you to The Harman Eye Clinic Surgeons and numerous pieces of information that will help you decide whether LASIK can be in your future.

LASIK 2014 Fall Magazine

Refractive Eye Surgery At Its Best

Eye Hospitals In Bangalore: Offering Reliable Services At Affordable Rates

Oculoplastics is one of the surgical procedures done to deal with medical deformities of the eye ducts, sockets, tear ducts, and the surrounding areas. Oculoplastic surgery… 653 more words

Corneal Transplant: Follow-Up

I am healing nicely. I have to administer steroid drops and antibiotic drops 4x daily and preservative-free artificial tears every hour while I’m awake.


New eyes with Dr. Verdier III

The surgery

Note: This is the third part in the mini-series about Emma Palova’s journey from near blindness to new eyes with 20/20 vision. It is a story about cataracts that cause blurred vision. 658 more words

Emma Palova Blog On Word Press

Small (and large) comforts see me through.

I had my second corneal transplant yesterday. My left eye seems to be progressing at about the same rate as the right one did back in February. 212 more words