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Slow your roll, “ain’t no one gonna lose an eyeball”

So over the period of the last few weeks, I have been to some awesome shows, a little of both work and play. And I there are those times during my job where I do meet really genuine and cool people. 660 more words

Coat Check

Recovery: Part Deux

It’s been one helluva week for me.

Between Thanksgiving, NCW WrestleFest, the amazing Say Anything/Saves the Day concert (with Reggie & the Full Effect!) and my second (final) eye surgery on Tuesday the last seven days have been a perpetual blur for me. 151 more words


An escape from "that world"

Artistic modeling is a new thing I happened across earlier this year that has been an absolute godsend.
It has helped boost my confidence tenfold (and given my long past with anorexia and then EDNOS to get half naked with a room full of other girls and feel awesome is pretty cool!) and gives me a complete escape from everything mildly medical. 96 more words


Review: Myris Scans Your Eyes to Log You In to PCs, Sites

You know all those spy movies where access to secret rooms is controlled by scanning peoples’ eyes to make sure they’re legit? Well, now there’s an accessory for your computer that does pretty much the same thing. 940 more words


Keeping An Eye Out For Your Friends

I have a friend who has eye issues. Her eyes work just fine, thank God, because the mention of eyes makes her gag. Put in your contacts in front of her, and she’ll be dry heaving in the corner in thirty seconds flat. 267 more words


STEM - Eyeball Dissections



Using the above two links, a worksheet was created that very simply laid out the main parts of an eyeball dissection and had a diagram to label with helpful definitions of everything. 127 more words


Beauty is in the...

The comparison of a human eye to that of a pigs eye. If anything I prefer the picture of the pug than the human.