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The Film Critic's Obsession with 1999: 5 Years Later

1999 was an end for a lot of things.

It was the end of Microsoft, Sillicon Valley; it began the .com bubble. It was the end of AOL and dial up modems. 236 more words


Miami Horror - Sometimes (2009)

So Miami Horror isn’t a real insider tip, but there is a new album  coming up in 2014 (they already released three singles: Real Slow… 236 more words


La ilusión como séptimo arte

El director de cine norteamericano George Lucas dijo una vez: “el secreto de las películas es que son una ilusión”.

Algo que Stanley Kubrick ejecutó a la perfección en su… 47 more words


The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut and Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition At TIFF

I was, if you can believe, probably about five or six years old when I had my first glimpse of a Stanley Kubrick film. It was the middle of a sunny, Sunday afternoon, and I was visiting my father, stepmother and sister. 822 more words



To walk in ones own wisdom is like walking with our eyes wide shut, unaware of the darkness and seeing what is not really there. With every day that I continue to strive to truly see, I am gently reminded of that which I have yet to comprehend. 68 more words



without warning
( your cold suffocates)
freezes me
painful truth
(your eyes don’t lie)
spilling chills-
(your sighs
haunt me)

- i see: 100 more words


Jeremiah Johnson (USA, 1972)

Directed by: Sydney Pollack. Wow, this kind of stuff really doesn’t age well. I reached that conclusion within the first 5 minutes of the film: the voice over exposition, the shots of Robert Redford doing his best “determined everyman” look on his face, and immediately after, a fucking song for the opening montage. 395 more words