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Spinning in a Flat Circle: Visions of Queerness and Filthy Dreams

I’ve always admired Eyes Wide Shut. People poo-poo’ed over its release, which can mean either one of two things: it deserves it or people just don’t get it. 2,196 more words

Rants And Raves

Eyes Wide Shut

One of the more erotically charged Christmas movies you’ll watch this year.


Fifty Four

Bill is at work. Alice is at home. We cross-cut between the two.

For all that Kubrick pushed the film form forward (alliteration FTW), he certainly wasn’t above sturdy plot-work montages like these; … 1,005 more words

Eyes Wide Shut

Barcelona Wide Shut

Drinking game. Spot the similarities between @WhitStillman Barcelona and Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

Sin Categoría

Reflection of Mother

who am I?

asked the child

Mother: you are the best part of


your dream catcher,

the Knight who




and the sun? 105 more words


Citazioni cinematografiche!

Quest’oggi vi presento alcune citazioni cinematografiche! Fatemi sapere se piacciono anche a voi con un commento!

Nessun sogno è mai solamente un sogno.

Eyes Wide Shut… 215 more words

Fifty Three

There is a painting in the elevator. Or a photo of a painting, or maybe even some stained-glass confection. Why? Who bothers with art in an elevator? 1,031 more words

Eyes Wide Shut