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A Look

If you can close your eyes and relax, you can read your thoughts better.

If you can look with intense contemplation, you can see through an obstacle.


Reviews this Styli-Style Flat Pencil for Eyes 409 Madrid

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Color: Blue… 14 more words

Makeup for Blue Eyes - Foxy Lady Leopard Instant Eye Shadow - Majic Beauty

Are you looking for Makeup for Blue Eyes? Foxy Lady Leopard Instant Eye Shadow, from EyeMajic by Majic Beauty is the solution for you! Make sure your blue eyes always pop out and shine like they were meant to. 56 more words

Bad Eyes & Knitting - EDS Makes Me Who I Am!

Having EDS (ehlers-danlos syndrome) affects my eyesight (so I am told) it goes up and down, the last week or so it has been quite bad, I am having a mini flare up so it is not unexpected, although reading and typing can be hard I feel blessed I can knit without looking at my work, if I did not have EDS I am sure I wouldn’t have this advantage :D… 251 more words


The Ultimate Eyes

Getting a beautiful eye look is simple when you know a few secrets that makeup artists use to create a gorgeous look. To get started, consider choosing eye shadows that work with your skin tone and eye color. 376 more words


Dark Glass

By Britney Ott

The shrill cry of a school bell echoed in the empty hallway, which suddenly filled with all the hoots, howls, squeals, cheers, insults, and laughs that came with the end of high school on a Friday. 1,155 more words