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Why isn’t good evidence more effective in solving political debates?

A guest posting by Tim Lash

Canadian political decisions are defying reason more blatantly, more often. This is bad for good citizenship. But there’s hope. Recent developments in social science and neuroscience give insight into the problem, and may help devise solutions. 791 more words

Information and belief

Ezra Klein wrote a fascinating piece about information and what we believe. Money quote:

The leading theory, Kahan and his coauthors wrote, is the Science Comprehension Thesis, which says the problem is that the public doesn’t know enough about science to judge the debate.

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Rise And Converge

The Tax Season Oligarchy

They’re everywhere. You know who. Lobbyists. At the moment, I am specifically referring to the lobbyists for Intuit, the corporation that houses a variety of tax preparation companies, such as… 465 more words

Job Sector

'Don't freak out': Worried about census changes? Voxplainers to the rescue!

The Juicebox Mafia sure has their work cut out for them!

Earlier today, we were informed that the Census Bureau will be changing the upcoming census survey. 514 more words

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'Clown show over there at Vox': Ezra Klein diagnoses Right with 'Obamacare Derangement Syndrome'

Vox.com’s Ezra Klein, fresh from a declaration that Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation was a sign that “Obamacare has won,” has diagnosed those failing to recognize the awesomeness the Affordable Care Act as having been stricken with “Obamacare Derangement Syndrome”: 299 more words


Ezra Klein and the Haggadah of Explanatory Journalism

By Yonatan Gordon

There are two types of journalists in the world, with a landscape of opinions and approaches in between. On one side are the investigative journalists who spend their time researching the facts and figures from the past in order to reveal something telling for the future. 1,205 more words


'An embarrassment': White House embraces Voxsplaining in shameless lapdog-stroking retweet

Oh, it happened. It really happened.

Juicevoxer gonna vox, yo.—
LilMissRedlegs (@LilMissRightie) April 10, 2014

And sometimes when “juicevoxers vox,” their love is returned.

The White House retweeted the…

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