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Even Data Journalists Like Klein and Silver Aren't Above Hack Tactics

We live in a new world of “method journalism.”

In it, bright minds like Nate Silver and Ezra Klein have staked out new media territory, defined by the style in which their writers produce content. 786 more words

On So-Called "Moderates": We Have Been Vindicated!

by J. Andrew Zalucky

There comes a time in the lives an obscure writer when you get the chance to see, after taking an opinion on something, just how prescient you really were.

J. Andrew Zalucky

Vox's Detachment from Reality

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry shows that “voxsplaining” is nothing more than taking a collection of talking points from the port side of the partisan divide and pretending that they explain complex policy issues, and further points out that those talking points are compiled in a manner that is at best misinformed, and at worst, utterly disingenuous. 108 more words

It's not media bias, it's media activism

Last night, Bill O’Reilly examined the latest conduct from the media:

The list of the media’s lack of fair coverage is long. I can start with the fact  302 more words


How many trial runs does a person need?

Ezra Klein has an interesting take on Hillary Clinton’s several recent gaffe-ish incidents, from her on-air tussle with Terry Gross to her tone-deaf attempts to portray her and Bill as just regular middle class folks. 709 more words


Is America better at treating cancer than Europe? - Vox

An excellent post on the fallacy of 5-year survival rates, by Ezra Klein and first posted at Vox.

An improved five-year survival rate is evidence of nothing other than an improved five-year survival rate and, more likely than not, an earlier diagnosis, not a later death. 15 more words