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Installation of backup oxygen system in F-22 combat fleet continues

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFNS) — The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s F-22 Division is on-track to complete installation of the Automatic Back-up Oxygen System, or ABOS, in the Air Force’s F-22 Raptor combat fleet by December 2014.In January 2012, following a series of incidents in which a number of F-22 pilots experienced physiological symptoms in flight, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board made a list of recommendations to improve the aircrew life support system, including the installation of an automatically-activated backup oxygen system.The F-22 Division, which had already funded a trade study of design alternatives, took the advisory board’s recommendation as well as more specific requirements from the Air Combat Command-led life support system task force, and developed a strategy to tackle the problem.Mike Connolly,the ABOS program manager, said the F-22 Division and contractor team moved quickly to address concerns. 264 more words

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China’s Fifth-Generation J-60 Fighter Jet Better than US F-22

A US official told media: China’s fifth-generation J-60 fighter jet being developed will surpass US most advanced F-22 fighter jet in performance. According to him, J-60 is smaller in size than F-22 but the design of its shape is similar to F-22. 380 more words

Chinese Radar Detects, Locks on F-22, Causes US Withdrawal of F-22s from Japan

According to the report of an Italian media (the Chinese name of which means progressives), US military has recently withdrawn its F-22 fighters from Japan back to Guam allegedly for routine overhaul. 139 more words

Appropriate Counter-measures and Credible Force

In an article in the Daily Beast, former NYT columnist and president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie H. Gelb, argues for the US to take a hard line against Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine. 872 more words


CDI: The F-22: not what we were hoping for

by James Stevenson and Pierre Sprey

The F-22 fighter aircraft’s focus on stealth brings big disadvantages in cost, weight and manoeuvrability, argue Pierre Sprey and James Stevenson… 967 more words

Hill Air Force Base expects busy schedule as jet services expand

NORTHERN UTAH — Even under the threat of billions of dollars in defense budget cuts, Hill Air Force Base is growing, in large part due to the expensive Department of Defense weapons that will be landing there on a regular basis. 453 more words