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35 Beautiful and Insightful Quotes about Short Stories


“In a rough way the short story writer is to the novelist as a cabinetmaker is to a house carpenter.” – Annie Proulx

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Short Stories

One of those days.....weeks....

Hello. Sorry for the long absence.

I haven’t been blogging for the past few weeks. I hit a bit of a slump. Not in ideas as such. 487 more words

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Inspiration Behind West of Sunset

As with most of my books, I came to write West of Sunset in a roundabout way. I was researching a nonfiction project, and while I was paging through a history of Golden Age Hollywood, I came across a mention of Fitzgerald’s time as a screenwriter. 322 more words


Free Fall Printable

Oh my word it is finally fall! I know in other places it’s probably been feeling like fall for a while now, but here in Southern Utah’s desert climate, it’s only just now cooling down. 282 more words

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Honors 11: Ch. 6-7 Discussion and Ch. 7 PID

We had to take a MAZE test today. It happened. We moved on. Afterwards we discussed the concept of dreams, reality and time with your Ch. 73 more words

Honors 11

Quote of the Day - F. Scott Fitzgerald

It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.

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Reading in Detail

Dear Readers,

Since I am starting this writing malarkey, I might as well begin by writing about writing; or books to be exact. I, myself, am an avid reader and the proud owner of 239 books and that number would be greater if I had the money to purchase more. 474 more words