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Fury Review

Fury is an intense and downright brutal film that goes the extra mile to show the extreme atrocities that occurred during World War II. Limbs and heads are blown off, knives go through eye balls, people are shown screaming as they are burning alive then shooting themselves in the head to make the pain stop. 716 more words


Smallest Multiplier F#/C#

Problem 5 on Euler project:

2520 is the smallest number that can be divided by each of the numbers from 1 to 10 without any remainder. 66 more words

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Parsing Microsoft MVP Pages and Uploading Photos to Sky Biometry

As a piece of the Terminator project that I am bringing to the MVP Summit, I wanted to load in all of the MVP photographs to Sky Biometry and if a person matches the photo at a high level, terminate them.  I asked my Microsoft contact if I could get all of the MVP photos to load into the app and they politely told me no. 816 more words


Largest palindrome product

Another problem on Euler project is solved via F#

Careful about premature exit of the loop…

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Doggy Supplies

Today I was running errands for my fur babies and as I arrived at my local feed store to purchase their dog food the stocker helping me asked what dogs I have. 872 more words

American Pit Bull Terrier