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One of those “last names as first names” that were once a quite popular way for a mother’s maiden name to be passed on to her sons, “Fitzwilliam” was an Irish surname meaning “son of… 32 more words


Lirik Futureistik - Lihat Hati Ini

Berikut lirik lengkap lagu Futureistik – Lihat Hati Ini :

Kau buat semua terjadi
Kau buat ku peduli
Kau buaikan rasa ini
Dan kau tinggal pergi… 117 more words


F max pain $17.50 expiration Friday 08/01/2014

The max pain strike for stock F and expiration Friday 08/01/2014 is $17.50. Highest put open interest is 17.50. Highest call open interest is 18.00. Put-Call ration is 0.45. 12 more words


Have you ever?

Have you ever listened to classical orchestra radio while driving alone on a long car ride on a country road?

I don’t know whether to feel like a sophisticated 86-year old senior citizen or grab a tutu and frolic onstage.

Pretty Close To 40

GM Recalls Have Been Good for Sales

It is almost counterintuitive: a company recalls more than 28 million vehicles — more than all car companies in the world will sell in either the United States or China in 2014 — and the company sees its sales rise. 431 more words