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Little Finds: Sweater Weather

Hello loves,

It’s no surprise that sweater weather is in season as we speak. Are all of you ready for these cold, chilly days? I know I am with the help of cozy sweaters, warm coats, and cute accessories. 85 more words


My Fur Obsession Continued

Fur, oversized hats, and red lips are three things I will be flaunting more frequently nowadays. This hat will go with so many outfits this season I’ll probably own a whole closet full of black oversized hats by the end of the year! 159 more words


My Thanksgiving Look!

This year Thanksgiving fell the weekend before my midterms, as much as I wanted to join sweats I was told I couldn’t. Therefore I threw on something comfortable and called it a day! 12 more words


I’m running out of ideas for titles, but I suppose this time, it’s dedicated to my band-T.

Anyway, I’m constantly trying to find ways to incorporate clothing I don’t wear often into my daily wear. 83 more words


October Outfit

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Autumn day than the one in this blog post. The colors, the breeze, the atmosphere…absolutely everything was perfect. That’s what its all about. 294 more words


Campus Casual

It felt more like fall today with the temperature being a bit brisk in the morning and slightly raising during the day but not to the point where it felt like summer again. 327 more words


the joy in appreciation

Hello hello! This weekend has been amazing, not only because I kept getting great parking– I’ve just been in a happy state of mind. Appreciating what I have, what I’ve overcome, excited about the future and releasing the things I can’t control. 98 more words

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