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Welcome I guess!

Before you get to know¬†me, and who I am in the essence of an html, I want to warn you that I’m not like the rest of them. 47 more words


Cutest Diamanté Heart USB!

I no, this is a beauty blog, but I simply couldn’t resist!

I got this USB as a present of my mother, and I am in love with it! 172 more words


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush Review ~ Perfection!

I have been searching the perfect blush for ages! and i have finally found it!

The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush is perfect for my oily skin as it stays on all day, and it is so easy to apply – you simply get a tiny amount on your finger and apply it to the apple of your cheek, gently blending it out as you do so. 291 more words




Jennifer Lawrence Ripped Her Dress!!!

Heloww aaa!Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress ever!She is absolutely pretty,smart,and one more reason I adore her is because she is really funny!Aww aww aww good luck Jenny,I love you so mach!!!!! <3


Fantastic Four-Episode 2

“Quick Elca!We’ll be late!!!”shouted Mrs Reggie from downstairs.Elca picked her little black bag and ran down the staircase.Mrs Reggie had been waiting in the living room for 30 minutes and that was a big problem.”What are you doing,eh?I’m dying to wait you here,the government officer told me not to come late.We will miss the train!”grumbled Mrs Reggie.”Sorry auntie,I want to be good looking in the government office.”Elca said as sweet as she could.The truth is Elca tried to have a shower as long as she could cause she hoped they will miss the train.She thought that her auntie is a bit stress or something this morning.”Oh my God,Oh my God,come on,don’t waste our time with chats and brags,let’s go,run for the train!”The following second Elca was pretty sure that her auntie is in a mental-disorder problem.Mrs Reggie held her niece’s arm and they fled together to the underground station. 643 more words