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The Liebster Awards! My nominations and questions. <3

Thank you to Simply Kendall for your Liebster Award nomination. I really appreciate it! So for those of you who are unsure about the Liebster awards, I will explain. 774 more words

The Liebster Awards

So, last week the two gorgeous gals over at the fashion dorks nominated me for ‘the liebster awards’ (Thankyou x). Basically, the idea of this is that you are given 11 questions to answer by the person who nominated you. 604 more words


Delicious Oatmeal! <3 :*

Today I made some delicious oatmeal today, its probably the best oatmeal I’ve ever taste! It was banana, cinnamon oatmeal!! Who wants me to post the recipe?!


Looking for blogs to follow!

Seeing as I’m new to this I’m not quite sure what blogs I should follow. I’m looking for beauty blogs, DIY blogs , hair blogs and blogs for natural pruducts. 15 more words


New Blogger

HI I’m new to this! I’m going to be posting my favorite DIY beauty products, my experience with them, and occasionally my thoughts and feelings! Any advice?!



I love you

–his password.

And you spread your legs to him.


-Georgina Vogue

Butterflies and Alibi's

I sincerely believe that we all can do better. We all have room for improvement.  I said “we” on purpose, because everything I’m about to write, will effectively apply in my own life as well. 934 more words