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Tales From Gamespot: Romance and Marriage in Video Games

Original post: February 14, 2013

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This was just a random post I made for Valentine’s Day. As such, it doesn’t really fall into any particular category. 1,083 more words


Achievements and What Makes Them Awesome

With Titanfall dropping tomorrow on the Xbox One, and with my playing of Thief and Fable II lately, I’ve been thinking about Achievements again, and I think I should probably talk a little about what I think makes a particular game’s list good or bad. 772 more words

Not a real review: Fable Anniversary (Xbox 360)

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I was ecstatic when Lionhead Studios announced Fable Anniversary last June. The original Fable – the game that sparked my interest in video games (beyond racing, sports, etc.) as an adult – turns ten years old this year, and remains one of my favorites. 1,556 more words

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