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I’m on the hoarder end of my fabric stash.  I save ALL my scraps…no matter how little.  Thread and fabric scraps alike.  I have a little basket where I put all my cloth and thread scraps for stuffing.   314 more words

My Modern Crazy Quilt Is Coming Together!

Here goes nothing! I’ve been randomly piecing this thing together all night. I’ve also been watching the Paradise on Netflix, so it was a long and interesting night. 25 more words

Bibs for a new baby girl, well a little down the track.

A gorgeous lady I know has just given birth to a baby girl, well I did not know at the time if she was having a boy or a girl and all the bibs I cut out ended up being more boy orientated, so I tried hard with the binding to make some a little more girly, some worked, others not so, end of the day though as these are for a few months time when solids get introduced they will end up covered with all sorts so am sure she will not mind. 97 more words


Entertaining Small Children

Yesterday I was baby sitting my nieces. One was at school most of the day and the others were in their own home with their own toys but I still wanted to do a couple of different activities with them just to change the day up for them a bit. 426 more words

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Scraps of Flannel

So pretty flannel!

So pretty scraps!

Oh, but what do you sew with flannel scraps?

After sewing some projects with flannel, I have a basket of flannel scraps.  99 more words

Fabric Scraps

Fortress of Solitude: A Tale of a Doomed Microwave

**I just came across this draft that I wrote a few months ago.  I don’t think that I ever actually wrote a different one including the Fortress, but here it is.   418 more words

Make your very own Pieces of My Heart Tee!

I must warn you…this tutorial is packed FULL of images! This shirt was created by refashioning a super soft v-neck tee from Old Navy. It was the hub’s, but he never wore it, and it was basically brand stinkin’ new, so I felt the need to show the shirt some love. 2,540 more words

Fabric Scraps