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Face Paint - Retro Flowers

These flowers were copied from the design on the dress of one of my daughter’s dolls.  I like the funky, retro look of it.


Face Paint - Princess

This girly design was cobbled together from a couple of elements on a piece of doll’s bedding.  What girl doesn’t want to be a princess? 13 more words


Face Paint - Snowflake

Just a cute little glittery snowflake for today.  I added glitter gel to make it prettier.


Face Paint - Graffiti Name

Here’s my attempt at making a graffiti name on a brick wall.  Not totally satisfied with the lettering, but I think the basic idea is understood.  7 more words


Face Paint - Cupcake

This cheek art cupcake was copied from a birthday card.  Simple and cut for the girls!

Face Paint

Face Paint - Christmas Tree

Here’s a Christmas tree that I copied from a picture.  It’s a bit time-consuming; so not really great for a long line.


Face Paint - Colorful Spider

This simple, but colorful spider is based on a picture that I saw somewhere on the Internet.  My son and I had a little face painting lesson today, and these are our side-by-side spider attempts.  17 more words