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You might end up in the FBI's face recognition database, even if you're not a criminal

Even if you haven’t committed a crime, you may soon end up in the FBI’s growing biometric database, the EFF claims.

News of this biometric database — a massive collection of finger prints, iris scans, palm prints, and face recognition data — first… 252 more words


How to Secure Your Premises with the Help of Face Recognition System

Facial identification is not required in manual system and so there are many chances of cheats. Biometric face identification system is the one which captures facial parameters like face, eye cornea, distance between eyes and nose and many other parts of human body which are used for identification purpose. 266 more words

Advantages of Face Recognition Solution

In 21st century, everyone is much concern about their safety and security. This is true for personal to any size of organization. Nowadays, face recognition solution… 298 more words

A matter of perspective...

When it comes to crime, the evidence of eye-witnesses is notoriously unreliable. Not because they lie, though some might, but because what we see, or think we see, is affected by so many factors. 69 more words

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Facebook’s New ‘DeepFace’ Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds

Dino Grandoni

The Huffington Post
March 19, 2014

Facebook owns the world’s largest photo library, and it now has the technology to match almost all the faces within it.

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Facebook’s facial recognition technolgy is now as accurate as the human brain, but what now?

Facebook’s facial recognition research project, DeepFace (yes really), is now very nearly as accurate as the human brain. DeepFace can look at two photos, and irrespective of lighting or angle, can say with 97.25% accuracy whether the photos contain the same face. 777 more words

Facebook Can Identify Faces as Well as You Do

Facebook has developed software that is able to recognize faces just as accurately as you can.

Researchers say that DeepFace, as the program is ominously called, can determine whether two photographed faces are of the same person with 97.25% accuracy. 138 more words