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ilite mentioned at Mountain Moot

I was rather pleased to get a mention from Joseph Thibault at this years Moodle Mountain Moot in Montana. You can read more about this at… 346 more words


Computers match humans at facial recognition

How Machines Learned To Recognize Our Faces So Well–And What’s Next

Earlier this year Facebook created DeepFace, a facial recognition system almost as accurate as the human brain. 86 more words

Virtual Reality


Most face-recognition recognizes a face on a still-image, but new face-recognition developed by company recognizes a face on a moving-image.

If you want to receive a demo program, please leave your e-mail.


My work: Face recognition App for Digital Transilvania Festival

Ne vedem la Digital Transilvania , sambata 21 iunie, la Targu Mures!

Acesta este unul dintre proiectele pe care le voi prezenta la Digital Transilvania. Este o aplicatie cu  FACE-RECOGNITION pentru smartphone-uri  si transforma pe cel care isi priveste telefonul in mascota festivalului. 122 more words

Augmented Reality

This Is What Facebook Sees When It Scans Your Face

One artist turned Facebook’s facial recognition code into a series of “Eternal Portraits.”

DeepFace, Facebook’s facial recognition software, is now 97.35% accurate and “closely approaching human-level performance,” according to a new paper published by the social network’s AI research team. 251 more words

Moodle login using face recognition

One of the things missing on my ‘take a photo’ extension to the quiz has been the report at the end. I spent a little time building a report that would pull the photos along with the quiz results. 363 more words


Data Collection, Personal Responsibility and the Law

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, John Whitehead asks this question:

What would happen if the most powerful technology company in the world and the largest clandestine spying agency in the world joined forces? 1,030 more words

Big Data