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Face Recognition testers

A while back I built and integrated face recognition into Moodle – see the video here: Face recogntion in action

After much internal testing and  reviewing it’s time for me to cast my net a little wider. 76 more words


Personal space is sacred

Personal space is: body; mind; life; home and personal information.

The cat was doing what cats like doing, grooming herself.  The man dumped an apple next to her, and pointed a camera into her face, “smile he said.”  If looks could kill… 196 more words


Identifying Humans at Night with Face or Ear Recognition

In this interview, Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai, an expert at the forefront of face recognition technology, shares his opinions regarding the challenges of night time facial recognition systems. 1,724 more words

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Post-epileptic jazz

(2008…alas, I have no idea who was playing at LACMA)

That LACMA gig was something, a real event.  A little hectic, though….I couldn’t go more than a few steps without someone yelling “Brick!” My facial recognition skill was dinged badly a few years ago after a nasty bout of small seizures, I have a lot of difficulty remembering who people are if I’ve only met  them a couple times or less, and everyone knows me since I am such a giant and oh damn, the whole time there was a swirl of people who all knew me and who I simply could not recall. 142 more words

All Jazz And The Jazzoid

Google's Satellite: See Your Face from Space?

Google will soon have an unprecedented ability to spy on you from space. Theoretically, at least. How?

Two months ago, after much lobbying by the biggest satellite company in North America, DigitalGlobe, the  895 more words


Face Recognition Software Finds Its Scope in Various Sectors

With the growth of social scams, web scams and other anti-social activities there is the need of various technologies to track, detect and take steps to punish the criminals. 289 more words

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