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Cleanse and moisturise, but ditch the face wipes

Even ladies with the most strict facial cleansing regimes will be guilty of using the occasional cleansing wipe when they’re in a rush. Not only is their ease of use appealing, they are also very cheap. 567 more words


Products I used up - and which I would repurchase

There’s something about finishing up products. I think I like it because it makes it tangible to me that I actually do get through all of these things I have, and then, like some sort of catharsis, I can clean out my cabinets of all these beauty-carcasses… 1,254 more words


Baby Wipes for Face Cleansing - Pampers vs Huggies

I love a cheap alternative to skin cleansing wipes.  There are some less expensive brands specifically made for the face such as the knock-off brands done by Walmart, Target, Superstore etc, but baby wipes are by far the cheapest alternative.   111 more words


Review - Simple Face Wipes (cleansing, exfoliating, eye makeup remover)

I am a huge fan of makeup removing wipes.  I use them to get off most of my makeup before cleansing,  I use them when I am just too lazy to wash my face (oops) and I use them after cleansing to help remove any leftover mascara or other eye makeup that just did not come off in the wash.   638 more words


Double Cream: Livin' the dream!

Most of us probably avoid double cream, purely because it’s nearly 50% milk fat. However, I’ve found a great alternative use, that doesn’t involve eating it! 259 more words


Pore Thing

GretchenMy hairline is so weird.

Regina: My pores are huge.

Karen: My nail beds suck.

We’re all familiar with this classic Mean Girls quote (and if you’re not quite frankly what are you doing with your life?! 587 more words