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Confessions of a face

Glued to a conclusion
Stuck to an interpretation
Frozen from my past
Trapped to a single answer
I’m trapped and stuck with frozen glue that determines an answer to all… 24 more words

G.M. COLLIN Oxygen PURACTIVE Mild Cleansing Gel

For Normal to Oily Skin G.M. COLLIN Oxygen PURACTIVE Mild Cleansing Gel is fragrance and alcohol-free gel. It’s formulated with 7 plant extracts, chlorophyll and 100% natural ingredients to remove excess sebum, skin impurities and makeup. 11 more words

Deep sense of awareness building this Mystic Mask 581 ::

Deep sense of awareness building this Mystic Mask 581 :: inspired by work of JenniferBracewell.com find her on Instagram as @_jenbeezy_ (at Café by Tao)


Superdrug and Boots Haul!

So, from my last post Beauty on a Budget, I talked about the cheap ways to get your products, and the high street stores I’m about to mention a pretty good price wise, so be sure to go pop into them! 847 more words

Paula Dorf Face Tint with SPF 15 - Just Glo

This lightweight formula tinted moisturizer provides sheer natural coverage while effectively moisturizing and protecting the skin from environmental damage. Paba-free with a unique anti-oxidant formula. It should be used on clean, dry skin. 13 more words

An Excerpt

“I look at faces to hear voices coming out from a hollow soul within their empty selves

and find myself in a pool of misery so i can look at… 30 more words

Dear Diary

Review: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Yes Yes Yes! I’m reviewing another Clinique product. But I can assure you, this is probably my most favourite and most repurchased product by Clinique. Years ago, I was having issues finding the perfect moisturizer for my combination oily skin. 450 more words