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Is your Facebook account in a REAL NAME? Social Media Identity Crisis

Most of the social media platforms don’t require to use Real name, and the users are free to use any made-up names or even play a role of imaginated character. 232 more words


Facebook addicts: How we use the only place where bragging is acceptable

By Monica Reason

Being of the millennial generation, we are the first to have grown up with social media. The biggest influence during these past eight years of our lives has been Facebook. 6,426 more words

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Quotation about Social Media Addiction and Identity Crisis

Quotation about Social Media Addiction and Idenity Crisis

 by Baroness Greenfield, a professor of pharmacology at Oxford University

“Facebook and Twitter have created a generation obsesed with themselves, who have short attention spans and a childlike desire for constant feedback on their lives”

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Attention Seekers on Facebook

It is visble that some posts are actually intending to get attention from many of their friends, and followers.

These are the examples of attention seeking on Facebook… 92 more words

Social Media Addiction

Do you find it hard to 'LOG-OUT'? #SocialMediaAddiction

Not only Facebook, but including all other social networking services like Twitter and Instagram. People in nowadays are obviously logged on their social media all the time, even while they’re not active on it. 112 more words

Social Media Addiction

Are you 'Facehooked?'

Matt Bubala talks with author and old friend, Dr. Suzana Flores, about her new book Facehooked and how many people are becoming addicted to social media – impacting their personal and even work relationships. 11 more words

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[Test Yourself] 7 Signs of Facebook Addict/ Suggestion for addiction

As there is no standard to decide Social Networking ‘ADDICTION’, and there is no medication, self-testing is the best way to cure and prevent social media addiction. 238 more words

Social Media Addiction