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Why Facebook's Latest Breach of Trust is the Worst Yet

It came out this week that in 2012, Facebook ran a short but very large experiment on its technically willing, but uninformed, user base. Users’ newsfeeds were tweaked to show status updates and links of varying levels of emotional content. 772 more words


This Video Perfectly Describes Everything Wrong With Our Generation On Social Media....

This video is a perfect description of how social media can be really dangerous when use in the wrong way.

The world is a completely different place when you are looking at it through a computer screen.

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Passing Away From Facebook: The Addiction, The Dilemma and The Deliberation

Little would we have known when we first began to use the social networking sites what they would do to us. What started as an immensely interesting advancement, has now become something more. 1,190 more words


21 Reasons Why Life without Facebook is Totally Awesome

So many things fall to the wayside when chained to Facebook for endless hours days months years. Some time away allows you to see the many ways it negatively impacts your life. 2,251 more words