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A year without facebook

Since about August, September 2012 I have slowly been giving up things that have been a cause of addiction in my life. Since that time I have given up a lot of vices. 609 more words

Report from the Facebook-Free Frontier

I’ve made it three whole days without Facebook.

Well, not entirely without Facebook.

See, here’s what happened.

I started reading very interesting things on the internet instead of vapidly scanning my Facebook feed for interesting things that other people read. 571 more words


My Facebook Break

I just logged out of Facebook and deleted the app from my phone.

This morning I posted to my beloved private moms’ group that I needed to step away. 478 more words


How To: Break A Facebook/ (app of your choice) Addiction in ONE Easy Step

You ready for it?

Go on a 9.5 month deployment! That’s all there is to breaking a Facebook addiction.

I can’t access Facebook anymore. There just isn’t enough bandwidth while we’re out to sea. 758 more words

Everyday Glamour

A week without Facebook mobile

I’m an entrepreneur since  17 , back in the days , building a business implied meeting face to face making hundreds of call , having a paper agenda and filling that flip phone with thousands of contacts . 927 more words


Sian Howell ~ Amazing Results of a Facebook Diet

Today’s post came to me via email, but it’s too wonderful to keep to myself. I asked Sian if I could please devote a post to it, and it turns out that Sian has recently received some major nudges to begin blogging. 702 more words

Healing Stories

The Facebook Fast

It was becoming a morning ritual for me. I opened my eyes to greet the new day, perhaps yawned after I stretched, and then I would roll over to grab my phone and start checking the following: Messages and E-Mails. 893 more words

My Daily Walk