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Why in 2015 I won't spend time with people who check their phones when we are together

by Angela Perez

About two weeks ago, I went out with several girl and boy friends of mine.  We went to dinner and then bar hopping.  587 more words

Addiction in the Form of the Internet

Internet Addiction

Addiction is a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something. For most people, moderate and self-regulated internet use remains the norm, but with our new generation being born using the web, it’s is important to properly understand this new addiction. 745 more words



How many of you have spent a good amount of time stalking someone on Facebook and jumping through their friend’s sister’s cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s profile? *Raising my hand ashamed* 248 more words


You've Got To Be Strong: Thoughts On Addictions

I used to be a die hard Facebook user, defending its benefits, denying any negatives brought up. Like any addict, I wanted all my friends right there with me, so when anyone suspended or removed their account I encouraged them to return. 1,611 more words

NaBloPoMo 2014

The Deeply Influencing Numbers; 13-Nov-2014

When I re-post something – it is generally a quote or someone’s status as of now – on Facebook, I am flattered by the number of likes I get. 182 more words

Noteworthy Web Articles

How to Overcome a Facebook Addiction

Dr. Suzana Flores joins Patti Vasquez in-studio to talk about how we can get over our social media addictions and reconnect with each other, face to face, voice to voice rather than through an app or computer screen. 25 more words

WGN Radio

11/9/14 Full Show Podcast (John Teti, Stef and the City, Facehooked)

On this edition of “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez” the crew talk best t.v. show theme songs with the A.V. Club‘s John Teti, finding love in Chicago with matchmaker… 21 more words

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