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Guarana Antarctica: what is the key to their social media success?

Having guarana drink have always been as popular as drinking a cola drink in Brazil – and the golden-orange soft drink Guarana Antarctica with its distinctive sweet taste have captivated Brazilian taste buds like no other. 414 more words


Advice You Need For The Facebook Marketing Results You Want

Staying on top of trends is imperative when marketing a business. The following paragraphs will help you advice on using Facebook marketing campaign.

TIP! If you’re using Facebook so that you can market something, then you need to make your profile look different than a regular page. 1,589 more words

Proven Formula For A Lifetime Revenue Stream

Top 10 brands most 'liked' Facebook pages in Brazil

There are already 90 million internet users in Brazil, which accounts for 57% of the population (12 year olds and older), according to a Datafolha Institute study mentioned in  O Globo newpaper. 313 more words


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Facebook Fans

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