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Portland Map Book: Finding my way in online forums

I have something to say.

Or, quite possibly, I have nothing to say.

It could really go either way, depending on how my brain occupies any particular given moment.  735 more words

One Sentence Startup Pitches: The Best and Worst of a Hilarious Facebook Group

Everyone is looking to found their own startup nowadays. It’s totally cool and basically the 21st century equivalent of starting a band — except with… 265 more words

Facebook Groups

We’ve discovered a few Facebook groups for the area recently so thought I would post them here.  They’ve been a good source for information or any time you have  a question on something you need in the area. 15 more words

Facebook Groups

Spotlight for Inspiration - Jessica Monson Drossin

Rocío Mirelis

Let’s begin! I usually start with some background information. I like for the artists to see that we come from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life! 3,283 more words

Out West - Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, Florida - List Updated October 8, 2014

This is another attempt at putting together a list of advertisers in the western communities. This will be a growing list of potential employers that solicit every week in the western communities looking for customers. 732 more words

Visit My Recipe Sharing Facebook Page

Hello Everyone!

Many of you asked me to create a Facebook recipe sharing group a while ago.  Finally I listened and about 3 weeks ago we did just that.  147 more words

Helen M Radics