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Is Facebook Dead?

With recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm, making organic reach all but impossible for brands, people are already picking out their favorite casket for Facebook. Before we pull the plug on the dominant social network, let’s look at the facts a bit more closely. 323 more words

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Bigger, Bolder. And it looks much more like Facebook

Twitter began the rollout last Tuesday of a new look profile pages features— and it appears quite similar to Facebook’s lite version users. The advanced look, which Twitter was tested in February, adds a ton more user information and several new features, one being highlighted each user’s best tweet. 284 more words

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1. Terburu-buru memilih produk

Adakalanya kita melihat produk tesebut laku keras, dengan-dengan ayat manis dan juga bank statement atau gambar yang menarik sudah tentu membuakan kita teruja menjadi agen dropship. 464 more words

Some Helpful Tips For Effective Facebook Marketing For Dentists.

Facebook has millions of users. Chances are good that you are someone that is on there too. If you’re a business owner, you need to know all the ways to reach Facebook users to create a new customer base. 20 more words

The Facebook Machine and How It Decides Your Content is High Quality

One of the most important parts of social media marketing is creating quality content. You want content that is exciting to your followers so they respond, share, or click through to your website. 413 more words

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Pro Marketing Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

Think back when the number of fans your Facebook page had been the most important facial expression of social media? I’ve observed that most of online businesses focus too much on the number of Facebook fans their competitor has rather than how engaging their community is. 598 more words

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Những lượt Like Fanpage trên Facebook theo hình thức mua bán chẳng có ý nghĩa gì! Trước xu thế phát triển quá mạnh của Facebook, không ít  636 more words

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