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Pro Marketing Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

Think back when the number of fans your Facebook page had been the most important facial expression of social media? I’ve observed that most of online businesses focus too much on the number of Facebook fans their competitor has rather than how engaging their community is. 598 more words

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Những lượt Like Fanpage trên Facebook theo hình thức mua bán chẳng có ý nghĩa gì! Trước xu thế phát triển quá mạnh của Facebook, không ít  636 more words

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Doctors who tweet aren’t ones who bill Medicare for millions

Brian Reid | Social media | April 10, 2014

The government dropped a gigantic dataset: details on nearly every single procedure performed by a U.S. doctor on a Medicare patient. 663 more words


Make your Facebook page shine

Especialllly as an organization, nonprofit, cause, fundraiser, etc. you must work harder to get peoples’ attention and engagement and make it fun and exciting. I have a list of 5 things to start implementing now for your Facebook page to shine. 316 more words

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Dear 20-Year-Old Me...

I met a group of college interns on the campus of my alma mater this afternoon. It didn’t take long for me to feel the distance of more than a decade away from campus. 397 more words

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Facebook Reach Better Quality?

Facebook fan penetration has been falling steadily the last 9 months and recent article read got me thinking about if that’s a bad thing? Back in August of 2013 the penetration rate for fans of your business page was about 25% on average according to one study of over 5000 fan pages. 22 more words

Do you wake up everyday wanting to going to work? Lednyak Social sure do.

It’s a sad truth but in business, but positive people are hard to find. Most do not love what they do, making work just a means to pay the bills. 1,964 more words

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