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New York steak, annoyingly small toothbrush covers, laundry tokens, and mousetraps

After I went to Boston Pizza for some New York steak / veggies / mashed potatoes, I went to London Drugs to get GUM toothbrush covers / two GUM medium toothbrushes / Orangina. 132 more words

Phone Calls

Skirts, split ends chart, and two cool dragons!

You Are a Maxi Skirt

You are easygoing and a total free spirit. You don’t fit into many molds, and that’s fine with you.
You usually end up following your heart, and that leads you to some pretty unconventional choices. 74 more words


Drain pasta and THEN add extra virgin olive oil to it! / Dancing in Assaram "It's"

Fiann and Troy gave me some important cooking tips today: Add extra virgin olive oil to some drained pasta BEFORE putting the tomato sauce on. Otherwise, the tomato sauce will be all greasy! 152 more words


Metallic places, editing, Claire's wedding, expired ItalPasta, perogies, parking spaces

The usual suspect tried calling this morning at 10:15, but I wasn’t awake yet. He then tried sending me a Facebook message about answering my phone if I was home, which obviously didn’t achieve its intended purpose if I was still sleeping! 475 more words


Facebook wall posts, status updates and messages. Tutorial.

Learn how to post on walls, post status updates, and send messagesin this Facebook tutorial.

Make sure to keep in touch with your friends by updating your status, posting on their walls and sending them messages. 124 more words

Effective Communication

Ogden man accused of sexually exploiting teen boys indicted, will face trial

OGDEN, Utah – A man accused of sexually exploiting multiple teen boys will be in court for a jury trial in May after he was indicted in The Second District Court in Ogden. 159 more words


ROBERTO LUONGO TRADED?! / Google Scrollbars / NO YOGA! / Mardi Gras

I downloaded an extension called Win7 Scrollbars to change the Chrome scrollbar to one with arrows, like it SHOULD be! Then I downloaded Rescroller to change the scrollbar color and size; that worked for most sites! 195 more words