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You SHOULD use better judgement! / Money! / What Bar Game Are You?

This morning, the usual suspect said he would TRY to use better judgement in responding to messages. He’d better! We might go to Bellingham on Saturday, too. 106 more words


SocialSafe v6.6.8 Released - Facebook Messages and Black Screen Fixes

A number of you have recently been encountering problems with downloading Facebook Messages with SocialSafe. This has been a stone in the shoe of our developers for some time, due to a number of factors external to the application itself. 274 more words

Using SocialSafe

You can't change the location of a birthday dinner! / Chrystal DID forget, so she's buying!

Michael says that I am invited to his birthday dinner tomorrow, but his dad wants to overrule him as to the location, and choose Lin’s instead since it’s “simpler to do what we’ve done before.” It’s HIS birthday dinner, not Richard’s! 163 more words

Phone Calls

Hey, can you be more specific in your Facebook/Google greetings?

What’s a three-letter word for “I want to converse in real-time on a social network, and I will leave it to you to guess what about”? 218 more words


Social Connected with Sitecore (Facebook) 1: Setup & Posting messages

Almost all up to date web facing sites today call for the need of being integrated with the social media websites. Sitecore has this handy Sitecore connected module which helps us deal with this needed integration to an extend. 1,010 more words


Nikki being butthurt, football offers, Havarti, Metrotown change, jazz festival, and EXP

At least the usual suspect and I had a brief conversation late last night about Julie, Nikki (he apparently found that funny enough to type “lol” and reference her being really butthurt), and that Telus “bill” for -8 cents! 193 more words